5 Indisputable Facts About Abortion

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Tissue can be frozen and thawed and live, human life cannot!  The zygote is tissue, it is not life.    

As the 2010 Election period approaches, many of us need to be reminding people of the strengths of the Pro Choice argument. In my state of Texas the battle lines could not be more clear. Our Republicans are staunchly pro life. There are of course the usual arguments that are tried and true that outline the foundation of the Pro Choice movement very clearly. But to that group can be added these following arguments that in my mind are indisputable. I have not heard these arguments made by others and thought that if they have not been considered and rejected in the past, then perhaps they would be useful today. Some of the ideas seem to meet the requirements of what could be considered “law” (not statute law) and are labled as such. Enjoy!



Indisputable fact 1, it is not life at conception:

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It is indisputable that normal “human life” is not created at the moment of conception. It is a fact that there is a difference between human tissue that is created at conception and a “human life”. There is no known case where a human life has been frozen solid, and lived. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryopreservation The zygote and like tissue is living human tissue, but not human life. The differentiation being that human tissue can be frozen and reused and “human life” cannot be frozen and revived. Human life has a “spark of life” that living tissue does not have.


Let’s look at the difference between living human tissue and human life. Fingernails, hair, skin, zygotes and other body tissue is human life. But it is not “alive” –it does not have the spark of life–in the sense that it does not have the attributes of a fully formed “human being”. Many tissues that make up humans, have unique DNA, can be frozen, thawed and reused, stored and chemically treated and not lose their usefulness as living human tissue. Living human life cannot be frozen and restored or chemically treated and restored.


Disambiguation between human life as found in human tissue and human life as in the human experience is of essential importance. One of the primary differences between human tissue as life and “human life” is that human tissue cannot create order out of disorder  http://whatislife.stanford.edu/Homepage/LoCo_files/What-is-Life.pdf

whereas “human life” can.   Tissue can create cells, function on its own and carry out its natural duties but it cannot direct those duties and it cannot create a zygote without direction and assistance from a higher order of human life. In order to have the attributes of a human, in order to have that “spark of life”, it must be able to create order out of disorder and a zygote cannot do that. The zygote is simply tissue of the woman, controlled by the woman and created by the woman. 

Indisputable fact number one is that human life is not created at conception.


Indisputable abortion fact 2, the Law of Hindered Birth:

The “Law of Hindered Birth” which states that “A forced birth precludes a willing birth” certainly is and has always been a fact of nature.

It is a fact that pregnancy occupies about 9 months time in a woman’s life. If a woman is hindered in her options of birth and abortion by a law restricting the right to abortion and is forced to give birth to an unwanted child; then she is precluded from giving birth to a wanted child during that period of time. For example if a married woman is raped and becomes pregnant and is forced to carry the child to term, then she cannot in the same time period have a child by her husband. In effect being forced to have the child of the rapist causes the woman to Lose the life of her wanted child.

And if the Family can only afford to raise one child, then they will be forced to go their entire life without ever experiencing a wanted birth with a child of the union of their marriage. Either that or they would be forced to give away a child that is conceived and carried for nine months.

Upon rape, the woman is not carrying in her womb anything other than the “tissue” outlined in Indisputable Abortion Fact 1. However anti abortion law would require her to carry that tissue until it becomes a life in the normal sense. In doing so it condemns the woman to risk her life in pregnancy with a 13 in 100,000 chance of dying and also forces her to “lose” the life of her wanted child.  The result of the anti abortion law boils down to the fact that a wanted child is lost and an unwanted child is forced to be born without good reason, or the woman dies or is injured.


Indisputable Abortion Fact 3, saving a fetus, causes the death of an adult:

There are more people dying than can be saved. Choosing to save one person allows another to die.

Every day about 70,000 people die from a range of causes. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_people_die_every_day_in_the_world

 Despite billions of dollars in charity and millions of people working to alleviate needless death, these 25,500,000 people that die each year cannot be saved. Making an effort to save one allows another to die. Choosing to save tissue from abortion and to spend any amount of time or money doing so, simply takes resources from another person that leads to his death. Therefore the net outcome of the choice to save human tissue from abortion is the death of a living and breathing human being. Wasting money saving human tissue from abortion that is not human life allows human life to die. (See Indisputable Abortion Fact #1)

Indisputable Abortion Fact 4, The Pro Life Conundrum:

The Pro Life Conundrum is an indisputable abortion fact that ties a Pro Life woman’s actions to her responsibility for abortion. Miscarriage is a terrible, natural and unavoidable aspect of human life. The percentage of miscarriage to birth is estimated to be as high as 70 percent and as low as 30 percent of live births. I will use a 50% maximum as my model here to make the facts indisputable.

Women are fully aware that miscarriage occurs in 30 to 50 percent of all pregnancies. As a result any choice to have sexual intercourse is a choice to risk miscarriage. Miscarriage that is intentional is abortion. If a woman intentionally has sexual intercourse she is taking an intentional chance of aborting her fetus.

This of course is the Conundrum: “ If a person believes that intentional abortion is murder, then that person must never engage in sexual intercourse. It is impossible to have sex without intentionally risking abortion.” 

Well of course the person trapped by the Pro Life Conundrum is simply stunned. The usual answer is that their abortions were not intentional and with malice and are therefore not intentional abortion. Which of course is the same argument any pro choice person can make. No one sets out in life to have an abortion. Indisputable Abortion Fact 4 holds.


Indisputable Abortion Fact 5, Birth Rates drop under anti abortion rules.

It is an indisputable fact that from the period after the baby boom and the invention of improved birth control, until the period governed by Roe V Wade, ( from 1959 to 1973), there was a drop in live births from 4,286,000 to 3,136,000 (a loss of as much as 1.15 million human babies per year under the rules of the pro life movement). In effect what has occurred is that a new basement for live births was set under pro life rules after 1959 that has not been overcome to this date. 

After Roe v Wade the number of births increased year to year such that today we have recovered most of the babies lost under anti abortion rules. Please see my avatar, it is a graph of the period from 1959 to 2000 with lives lost by pro life rules on the left and lives saved by pro choice rules on the right.



The above are my list of the five indisputable abortion facts that support the Pro Choice view. I hope that you will feel free to distribute these ideas among your friends and neighbors.


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