Roundup: Sharron Angle Keeps Talking

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Roundup: Sharron Angle Keeps Talking

Beth Saunders

Sharron Angle keeps saying crazy things, while two Senators protect your taxpayer money from having to sit next to slutty money at the insurance office.

Endorsements make the world go round! Or do they? One candidate gets an endorsement, and another is hounded to change his position.

Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron “Make Lemonade!” Angle keeps saying crazy things. A quote from October 2009:  

“Right now, we say in a traditional home one parent stays home with the children and the other provides the financial support for that family. That is the acceptable and right thing to do. If we begin to expand that, not only do we dilute the resources that are available, we begin to dilute things like health care, retirement, all the things offered to families that help them be a family.”

Sounds like she doesn’t think womenfolk should be out there taking jobs away from men. Not so! Her campaign manager explains that she was just hating on gays.

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Angle, in the interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, was talking about her opposition to same-sex marriage and Nevada’s law giving domestic partners many of the same rights as married couples, arguing it would be a financial drain on the state.

So, um, gay people make too much money to be married because maybe both of them work outside the home? Or some other argument? Color me confused, Sharron.

To clarify who she believes deserves to be classified as a second-class citizen, here’s a bit of the survey she filled out to gain endorsement from Government is Not God PAC. (She checked yes on every item.) Angle declared that she:

■ Opposes abortion in all cases and is against national health care coverage for the procedure.

■ Opposes adding “sexual orientation” as a protected minority under current civil rights laws, and opposes laws allowing homosexuals to adopt children.

■ Believes clergymen should have the right to support or disapprove of candidates from the pulpit, something that’s banned by the federal government and punished by revoking tax exempt status.

■ Supports school prayer and “religious speech” in public schools.

In Michigan, GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder is fresh off of a primary win, despite the fact that  the state’s Right to Life group supported another candidate. And because of his support for stem cell research, he is not likely to see support from the anti-abortion group in the general election.

If he maintains his position on embryonic research, I doubt (he will be endorsed),” said Larry Galmish, Political Action Committee chairman for Michigan Right to Life.

Snyder was the only one of the five GOP gubernatorial candidates in the primary to support embryonic stem cell research. He opposes abortion but would allow it in cases of rape or incest.

Galmish said the organization will try to convince Snyder to reverse his position before the Right to Life board of directors decides the issue in September.

Snyder campaign spokesman Jake Suski said the Ann Arbor businessman won’t change his position.

“Rick Snyder supports stem cell research — he’s made that clear,” Suski said. “(Snyder) will not take any PAC or special interest money and isn’t seeking endorsement.”

Mini-Roundup: In “keep your dirty slutty money away from our clean, wholesome taxpayer money” news, Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) have introduced a bill that would forbid federal healthcare subsidies from going to healthcare plans that allow people to pay their own money – with a separate check – for abortion coverage. Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) introduced an identical bill in the House in April.

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