Roundup: Republicans Keep Pushing Against Abortion Funding

Robin Marty

Republicans are pushing even harder against abortion funding, to the point where one state has opted out of the high risk insurance pool all together.  And Operation Rescue thinks ten year olds should have babies.

Hey, did you hear the one about how federal money will be used to pay for elective abortions in the federal high risk insurance pool?  If you didn’t, I’d be pretty surprised, since, even though the administration has repeatedly said it will not happen, someone seems to be determined to keep spreading the rumor.

And that “someone” appears to be Republican congresspeople.

From The Hill:

Senate Republicans on Wednesday called on the Obama administration to “act immediately” to prohibit federally funded state high-risk pools from covering elective abortions.

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The request from 13 Republican senators comes after the Congressional Research Service last week said that the high-risk pools would not be prohibited from covering the procedure by the healthcare reform law, the president’s executive order that no federal monies would be used to fund abortion or the Hyde amendment.

Of course, it makes absolutely no difference that the administration has been saying for two weeks now that it is not in any way allowing elective abortions to be covered.  After all, they have a report! The Washington Times reports:

The senators’ request came on the heels of a Friday memo by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which concluded that the health care law was vaguely written in regard to abortion funding. The question of whether Mr. Obama‘s plan would open the door to federal funding of abortions proved one of the most politically difficult issues of the health care debate endgame for congressional Democrats.

CRS researchers said that, under certain situations, the law could permit elective abortions in the new, federally funded “Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans,” which will provide coverage in the states for high-risk uninsured people who have been turned away by private insurers.

CRS confirms our concern that [federal legislation] lacks any restrictions prohibiting states from using federal funding to pay for abortions” in the new high-risk insurance pools, the GOP letter said.

So what sort of victories are really won with this type of blustering and bravado?  Well, if nothign else, the Republicans have already managed to scare one state out of offering health care to high risk individuals all together.  Via Medical News Today:

West Virginia last week announced that it would not administer its own high-risk insurance pool because GOP members of the state’s House of Delegates said the program might fund abortion care, the Charleston Gazette reports (Knezevich, Charleston Gazette, 7/22). The pools — created under the new health reform law (PL 111-148) — are intended to provide insurance coverage to residents with pre-existing conditions. They will expire in 2014 when provisions take effect to prohibit insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions (Lillis [1], “Healthwatch,” The Hill, 7/23).

The health reform law did not spell out how to address abortion care in Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans. Antiabortion-rights groups voiced concern when two states — New Mexico and Pennsylvania — initially allowed abortion coverage in their pools. In response, HHS announced last week that PCIPs can cover abortion only in cases currently covered under federal law — rape, incest or to save the life of the woman.

Think this isn’t that big of a deal?  Americans United for Life has already drafted the legislation to get all states to opt out of abortion coverage, and is spreading it across the country.  Can the “opt out of high-risk pools” opt out draft be far behind?

So congratulations, Republicans.  You still managed to find a way to block the ability to provide for the country’s most vulnerable.  You should be proud.

Mini Roundup: A doctor associated with Dr. George Tiller is facing discipline over medical cases that are over seven years old.  All because Operation Rescue thinks it’s in a 10 year old’s best interest to carry a baby to term.

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