Roundup: Skunky News From Georgia and Chicago

Beth Saunders

Republican voters in Georgia support a non-binding personhood measure; Chicago-area clinics find threatening notes and dead animals.

In a non-binding, party-specific ballot, voters in Georgia supported a measure saying the “right to life is vested in each human being from their earliest biological beginning until natural death.” Lifesite reports that,

The non-binding poll was principally conducted on Republican primary ballots, although the question also appeared on the Democratic ballot in one county.  In all 46 counties and on all ballots, between 60% and 92% of voters supported the Personhood Amendment.  An average of 75% of voters supported the amendment.

Although only 46 of 159 Georgia counties were polled, Becker told LSN that the poll provided a fair sample of opinion throughout the state.

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Georgia Right to Life plans to use the results of the ballot to push the Georgia Legislature to place a referendum amending the state constitution on the 2012 general election ballot. 

So, only one party was asked the question (the party who’s official platform opposes abortion), it was a primary (when the most ardent supporters show up to vote), and only roughly 1/3 of counties were polled? Not to mention the measure was non-binding? Let’s hope the legislature sees the poll for what it was: an opportunity for like-minded people to take a vote amongst themselves to discover, shockingly, that they agree.

In other skunky news, a second dead animal has turned up outside an abortion clinic near Chicaco. The dead possum was in a box outside of a Planned Parenthood with a note that said “For all the doctors for all you do for women.”

A package with the same message was found July 3 at 5086 N. Elston Ave., site of Family Planning Associates. A dead skunk was discovered in that package, Egan said.

The Chicago City Council has taken steps to try to ensure the safety of the doctors and patients at Planned Parenthood, along with other medical facilities from this type of unjustified harassment. Just last year they passed a “bubble zone” ordinance to protect the safety of their members.

“We have security measures in place, and obviously, we take the security precautions of our doctors very seriously, as we saw as evidenced by the murder of Dr. George Tiller a little over a year ago,” said Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Beth Kanter according to CBS 2 Chicago. “We are very concerned about the safety of our doctors, and make sure that they are protected.”


Mini-roundup: In celebrity news, Kim Kardashian has said about her nephew what  others have said about being around small children, “Best birth control ever.” (Isn’t that why teens are given those realistic dolls to take care of for a week?) Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow and Bryce Dallas Howard open up about post-partum depression.

July 22, 2010

Health care shouldn’t fund abortion – Washington Times

GOP Lawmaker: WH Illegally Funding Kenya Abortion – Christian Broadcasting Network

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Kim Kardashian Calls Nephew Mason ‘Best Birth Control Ever’ – People Magazine

Lautenberg Urges NJ Gov To Restore Health Funds – CBS 3

First helpline for abortion – Hindustan Times

Better HIV treatment could cut emergency room costs, report says – Vancouver Sun

Young HIV/AIDS Activists Demand Respect and Resources – Voice of America

J&J AIDS drug shows promise – Reuters

Tests of vets potentially infected with HIV continues – Washington Post (blog)

Developments in Adult-Stem-Cell Research, HIV Prevention, and C-Section … – Newsweek

No More People Living With HIV Dying from TB –

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AIDS Research Alliance of America Awarded $250000 by Pepsi – Earthtimes

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‘Emergency contraceptive ads ruining youth’ – Times of India

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Calling for Natural Births After C-Sections – WHSV

Gwyneth Paltrow Details “Debilitating” Post-Partum Depression – Us Magazine

Pregnant Teens Shun HIV Treatment for Fear of Stigmatisation – Inter Press Service

Dem PAC’s ad hits Perry over HPV vaccine order – Dallas Morning News

New C-section policy: Better for women? – Salon


July 23, 2010

Women feel wait for abortion too long – New Zealand Herald

Dead Animals Left at Abortion Clinic Doorstep – NBC Chicago

One in five girls pregnant by age of 18, government study finds – The Guardian

State finds itself at center of national abortion flap – Centre Daily Times

Dead possum left in box outside abortion clinic – Chicago Sun-Times

The Irishman behind the ‘pill’ – Irish Health

Planned Parenthood facility holds open house – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Circumcision won’t help prevent HIV in gays – Times of India

Condoms for…nobody? – Fair Lady

The Body AIDS 2010 Conference Buzz: Day Four –

UN warning on AIDS in prisons – The Associated Press

30 years with HIV: 3 men reflect – CNN

Trial vaccine ‘could keep HIV patients healthier for longer’ – Mail & Guardian Online

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