Gov. Jindal Signs Manadatory Ultrasound Law With No Rape Exemption

Robin Marty

Louisiana has now made it more difficult to obtain an abortion due to a number of new laws signed by the governor.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a number of new bills into law regarding abortion regulation, including mandating ultrasounds before the procedure, denying doctors who perform abortions malpractice insurance, and banning public insurance coverage.

USA Today reports:

Women getting abortions in Louisiana will be required to get ultrasounds, and doctors who perform elective abortions won’t be covered under medical malpractice laws after Gov. Bobby Jindal signed those latest restrictions on the procedure into law Tuesday.

Also signed by Jindal, according to the governor’s office, was a ban on coverage for elective abortions in the insurance purchasing pools set up by the federal health overhaul legislation.

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No exceptions are allowed under any of the bills for victims of rape or incest. The only exceptions are for abortions when a mother’s life is in danger.

Speculation still abounds that Jindal may be seeking the Republican Party nomination for president in 2012.

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