Louisiana Denies Malpractice Insurance For “Elective” Abortions

Robin Marty

The state of Louisiana once more tries to restrict abortion, and shows its true lack of compassion for rape victims.

Louisiana, not content to make sure insurance providers don’t cover abortion and that all women have to have an ultrasound before the procedure (including rape victims), has now gone even further, and passed a bill stating doctors shall no longer be covered under malpractice insurance in cases of “elective” abortions.

From Insurance Journal:

The Senate gave final passage with a 31-2 vote to the bill by Rep. Robert Johnson, D-Marksville. It would prohibit health care providers from receiving coverage under state and private Medical Malpractice Acts when performing an abortion of “an uncomplicated, viable pregnancy” that isn’t required to save the life of the mother.

The measure, House Bill 1453, is headed to the governor’s desk, despite concerns raised by some lawmakers about denying coverage for a legal medical procedure. Johnson acknowledged he wasn’t aware of any such carve-out for other medical procedures.

The proposal creates yet another scare tactic against doctors performing abortions, this time by trying to remove any safeguards for the doctors against potential lawsuits.  It’s also a second reminder that the state of Louisiana believes that rape victims should be pushed as far as possible towards carrying their attackers’ babies if impregnated.

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