Roundup: Anti-Choice Bemoan ella Approval, Demand Useless Pregnancy Tests

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Roundup: Anti-Choice Bemoan ella Approval, Demand Useless Pregnancy Tests

Robin Marty

A blatocyst is an embryo!  A pregnacy test is effective at 4 days except that no test is!  No wonder the anti-choice movement seems so confused.

Yesterday, the FDA met and approved the use of ella, a new emergency contraceptive pill that can provide a greater window of use than Plan B, which must be used within 72 hours.  Effective for up to 120 hours after intercourse, ella can offer a wider time frame for preventing pregnancy after contraceptive failure, sexual assault, or unprotected sex.

Sadly, the extended period of possible use seems to reflect exponentially on how outraged the anti-choice crew is over advances in reproductive freedom.

First, the Cardinals reacted, via press release:

Concerns have been raised over other drugs considered for “emergency contraception,” such as the “Plan B” regimen, because they might act not only to prevent ovulation but also to prevent implantation of the developing embryo in his or her mother’s womb.  However, such drugs were thought to have no post-implantation effects.  Ulipristal is a close analogue to the abortion drug RU-486, with the same biological effect – that is, it can disrupt an established pregnancy weeks after conception has taken place.  

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This drug is contraindicated for women who are or may be pregnant.  Yet its proposed use here is targeted precisely at women who may already have conceived, as it would be administered within five days after “unprotected” sex or contraceptive failure.  No existing pregnancy test can exclude the possibility that a new life has been conceived in this time frame.  Indeed, advocates praise this drug as an advance precisely because it seems to retain its full efficacy five days after intercourse – that is, after the opportunity to prevent fertilization has passed. 

It seems that Cardinal DiNardo’s solution would be for the woman to wait until after she sees if she is pregnant before she takes the drug, since no test can exclude that early that she in fact is not. Also, the Cardinal seems to have forgotten developmental biology — an embryo is at least 21 days post-fertilization.  Before that, you have a blastocyst or a zygote.

During the trial, testimony, based on scientific studies, was given showing that ella in fact had “little effect on established pregnancies.”  Yet, according to the New York Times, scientific study isn’t good enough for the Concerned Women for America, either.

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, a conservative group, called ella an unsafe abortion pill that men might slip to unsuspecting women.

“With ella, women will be enticed to buy a poorly tested abortion pill in the guise of a morning-after pill,” she said.

But Wendy Wright didn’t just stop there.  Even better, she claims that the panel is trying to “fool women” by not allowing them to have a pregnancy test before they get the drug.  From Lifenews:

“The drug sponsor couldn’t provide information on whether Ella can cause birth defects, or what happens to women who are pregnant who take it. And yet the committee strongly recommended not giving a woman a pregnancy test,” she told after the hearing.

“In Europe, Ella is contra-indicated (not to be used) in pregnancies. But the FDA committee voted to not to test women to detect if they’re pregnant. They are telling doctors to be willfully blind when giving the drug,” Wright continued.

“The committee voted to deceive women,” Wright complained.

Um, Ms. Wright?  Cardinal DiNardo says that “No existing pregnancy test can exclude the possibility that a new life has been conceived in this time frame.” 

I think you anti-choice spokespeople need to go over your talking points better before you start hitting the media circuits.

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