Roundup: Public Health Victories and Ochocinco Talks BC

Beth Saunders

A needed new clinic opens in Milford, MA, and a Nevada school board reconsiders its abstinence class for students. Plus - Chad Ochocinco says he's as trusty as... a vasectomy?

Three cheers for public health! A grant in Massachusetts and student-led action on unacceptably high teen pregnancy rates have led to public health gains for communities.

Thanks to a Title X grant, a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Milford, MA, has opened its doors and is providing a much needed public health service to teens looking for sexual health information, education, and care.

Since the Health Awareness Services center closed a few months back, Milford High School nurse Tina Saggio said she has been struggling with where to send students who need family planning services.

“(The center) is a huge benefit (for the community),” Saggio said. “It’s the only place around where they can get confidential advice and care.”

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Saggio estimates four to five students per week look for information. Most, she said, are freshmen and sophomores.

Through cooperation with health instructors and teachers of younger students, Saggio hopes to approach new ways of getting information to kids about sexual education, disease and pregnancy prevention.

“Something’s not getting through,” Saggio said.

In the meantime, the new center downtown will provide an additional resource for students, Saggio said, especially those who feel they cannot talk to their parents or physicians.

“I encourage them to talk with their parents about it,” Saggio said. “But the ones that cannot, this is going to save them.”

But, of course, anti-choice protesters are gathering to spend their days in front of the new clinic  – that does not provide abortion services – but will provide STD tests, gynecological care and birth control. Says one protester, “The (abortion) referrals are just as bad as doing the abortion.”

And in Nevada, the Lyon County school board voted unanimously to reevaluate its sexuality education curriculum at the request of students who say that the abstinence class isn’t working to prevent teen pregnancy, as the county has one of the highest rates in the nation.

The LCSD requires students to have active permission from their parents each year in order to take sex education courses. The District’s current sex education program is an abstinence-only program called “Worth the Wait.”

McCormick said he believes a more comprehensive program is needed.

“I would like to see us add something a little more fact-based that hopefully meets the needs of our students as they leave our district,” he said.

Is it sad that when a public official comes out in favor of “fact-based” public health information, we find reason to cheer? Little victories, I guess.

Mini-roundup: Thank you, Chad “formerly Johnson” OchoCinco for allowing me to include you in the roundup. The wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals recently told the media “I just need everybody to trust in me like birth control. You know, because I’m always going to be there for you 99.9 percent of the time. And that 1 percent was the Jets game, that’s it.” Chad, I love your flashy style and tiger-y looking uniform pants, but 1) that’s faulty math, and 2) according to this handy Planned Parenthood chart, you must be talking about sterilization, IUDs or an implant.

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