Roundup: Insurance in Lousiana, Machines in Michigan, And a Lot of Governor Talk

Robin Marty

More state restrictions on abortion from insurance crack-downs to mandating new equipment, and a whole lot of governor talk.

Louisiana Senate has passed its abortion insurance ban, which will now go back to the House to reconcile the bills.  The bill only bans abortion coverage in new public insurance pools, not in private insurance as it did before.  But, the reason private insurance was no longer being included is because private insurers in the state won’t cover abortion anyway, according to bill’s sponsor.  The ban does allow an exemption for life of the mother, but does not allow one for rape or incest.  When it came to opposing the lack of rape exemptions, sadly, the silence was deafening, according to CNBC:

[Rep. Frank] Hoffmann’s bill includes an exception for abortions when a mother’s life is in danger — but no exception for rape and incest victims, as other states have included in similar bills.

Opponents have argued the measure would add an unnecessary obstacle to women trying to get an abortion and should include exceptions for rape and incest victims. No one spoke against the proposal, however, on the Senate floor Monday.

CNBC also reports that Louisiana took the time to try and revamp rules on regulating clinics that provide abortions, to make them easier to reject licenses should there be allegations of impropriety.  Rather than a three judge panel ruling on the incident, it would be decided simply and immediately by the Health Secretary of the State.

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Michigan, too, has come up with a novel new way to delay and restrict access to abortions – tell the clinics their equipment isn’t good enough.  From the Chicago News Tribune:

Michigan lawmakers plan to consider a bill that would tighten the state law on pre-abortion ultrasound tests.

A bill scheduled for discussion in a Senate committee Tuesday would require the use of the most advanced equipment available at a facility when an ultrasound is shown.

Republican Sen. Wayne Kuipers of Holland says he introduced the new legislation because some facilities have used outdated equipment that intentionally produced grainy images instead of using their newest technology.

So clinics need to put out more money to buy newer equipment, or limit the number of people that can be seen to however many can use the “most advanced” machine in the clinic.  And, in case there was any doubt that the bill was politically motivated, the article points out that its sponsor is currently running for congress.

Speaking of ultrasounds, Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s Republican senate opponent Mark Rubio is accusing Crist of forcing taxpayers to fund abortion due to a amendment in the mandatory ultrasound bill that Crist vetoed last week.  Polifact looks closer at that claim, and finds it lacking.

Before signing off on the abortion language in the national health care bill, Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich, persuaded President Barack Obama to issue an executive order providing a way to ensure two checks go to insurers every month, so that abortion dollars and federal dollars are not commingled. And Stupak, who up until that point had been the champion of the abortion foes’ position, declared, “There will be no public funding for abortion in this legislation.”

We agree. That was the case before Crist vetoed the Florida bill. And it’s true after.

Abortion foes argue the federal rules are little more than an accounting trick, that if federal subsidies go to someone who chooses a plan that covers abortion, it’s the same as taxpayer-funded abortion. But we think it’s misleading to call it taxpayer-funded abortion when the law requires abortions be paid solely through a portion of the premiums (not tax dollars) paid by people who choose a plan that covers abortions.

We rule Rubio’s statement False.

Crist vetoed the ultrasound bill, but it looks like a Republican hoping to take his place as governor, Rick Scott, would not have done the same.  According to The Ledger:

During [an editorial board] meeting, he again was asked about House Bill 1143, referred to by many as the “anti-abortion bill.” The bill would require a woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound of her fetus and to be required to pay for it.

Scott was asked how he could reconcile his call for less government intervention and regulation and support the bill requiring women to look at the ultrasound.

“I’m pro-life… I believe if they see the sonogram, they won’t have the abortion,” he said.

Scott isn’t the only one touting his anti-abortion street cred to try and woo Republicans to make it through the primary.  Alaska governor Sean Parnell is topping off his veto of healthcare expansion for children and pregnant women by hitting the anti-choice fundraising circuit, KTUU reports.

Gov. Sean Parnell plans to appear at a fundraiser this week for an abortion initiative that will appear on this summer’s ballot.

Alaskans for Parental Rights e-mailed a notice on Wednesday’s event in Anchorage.

The initiative would require parental notification for girls under 18 seeking an abortion.

Parnell campaign spokeswoman Michelle Toohey confirmed Parnell’s plans to attend. She says the governor supports the initiative and has made that support “fairly obvious.”

I guess that’s how you get rewarded for being “pro-family” these days.

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