Nevada Fails To Move Forward On Personhood Amendment

Robin Marty

PersonhoodUSA gives up their attempt to gather signatures in time for the 2010 election.

It looks like a fertilized egg is actually not a person, according to the people of Nevada, as Personhood USA failed to get enough signatures to put an amendment on the 2010 ballot.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

A Christian-based group’s anti-abortion petition will not appear on the November ballot.

A national leader of the Personhood-USA movement said Thursday the group won’t be able to collect the required number of signatures by Tuesday’s deadline.

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The proposed constitutional amendment would halt abortions in Nevada.

PersonhoodUSA co-founder Keith Mason said the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada and Planned Parenthood through litigation have “run out the clock on us” and prevented the organization from collecting the required 97,002 signatures to put the issue before voters.

The state Supreme Court still has not ruled on Personhood Nevada’s appeal of a lower court decision that prevented the group from circulating its petition.

Carson City District Judge James T. Russell ruled Jan. 8 that the Personhood petition could not be circulated because its language was so vague that voters would not understand its intentions.

Personhood Nevada appealed the decision, and the Supreme Court held a hearing but has not yet issued its decision.

Personhood USA says they will return to try and gather signatures again in time for 2012.

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