Governor Crist Vetoes Mandatory Ultrasound Bill

Robin Marty

Florida Governor Charlie Crist vetoes mandatory ultrasounds before obtaining an abortion.

Women seeking abortions in Florida can rest a little easier, and keep a little more money in their pockets.  Governor Charlie Crist has vetoed the state legislature’s law demanding that all women pay out of pocket and obtain an ultrasound before undergoing the procedure.

Via the Miami Herald:

Gov. Charlie Crist has vetoed a bill that would have required women seeking an abortion during the first trimester to undergo an ultrasound exam and pay for it.

Crist vetoed the bill Friday, saying it put an inappropriate burden on women seeking an abortion.

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Crist had literally received tens of thousands of voicemails and emails advocating on both sides of the issue, but made it fairly clear that once he received the final bill from the legislature that he would strongly consider a veto.  Republicans held the bill for over a month before passing it to the governor in an attempt to provide additional time for anti-choice advocates to apply pressure, in the hopes of changing his mind.

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