Comprehensive Sex Ed Gets Help From the Administration

Robin Marty

Abstinence only sex ed may finally be on the decline with support from the federal government for fact-based sex education.

Abstinence only sex ed may finally be heading on its way out the door, thanks to a push within the federal government to support fact-based, comprehensive sex education programs with federal dollars.  NPR reports:

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. is shifting gears on teen pregnancy prevention. Everyone is still on-message that abstinence should be the core message of any federally funded program, but comprehensive sex education is about to get a boost from the federal government.

This year’s federal budget is devoting more than $114 million to what it calls an “evidence-based approach.” Abstinence-only programs will still be funded, but most of the money will go to communities that choose programs that have shown they reduce teen pregnancy.

In the wake of a surge of teen pregnancy in the past few years, combined with the newest study reflecting that more and more teens are using the rhythm method as a form of birth control, this news couldn’t be more welcome to those who truly want to try and prevent unintended pregnancies.

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