Roundup: Gay Blood Donor Controversy in Canada

Beth Saunders

Canadian HIV/AIDS experts question the need for the country’s strict blood donor policies, and the governor of Mississippi is bragging.

Canadian HIV/AIDS experts are questioning the need for the country’s strict blood donor policies, which prohibit donations from any man who has had sex with a man since 1977. The Toronto Sun reports,

“Highly sensitive” testing for HIV is now routinely available, meaning the chance of infected blood getting into the system is almost nil. In addition, argues Dr. Mark Wainberg from the McGill AIDS Centre, lifetime bans on gays giving blood are simply discriminatory.

“We’re obviously not saying men who are infected should donate blood; they clearly should not,” Wainberg told QMI Agency. But he said policies that keep monogamous gay men from donating need updating, since sophisticated blood testing is now available. “The science has advanced by hundreds of miles. Yet our policies are still in a time warp.”

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The topic is a hot one now in Canada because a gay man was sued by Canadian Blood Services after it was found that he lied during the preliminary questioning and gave blood anyway. He countersued the agency, saying the questioning violated his rights. The Winnipeg Free Press quotes Douglas Elliot, a lawyer from the Canadian AIDS Society,

“The longer you ask a question that people find patently ridiculous, the more likely you are going to have people like Mr. Freeman who are going to simply ignore the question and do a self-assessment. That’s not something that we encourage by any stretch, but that is a reality.”

Elliott noted the American Red Cross looked at the issue and found that is already taking place. A study they conducted showed they had numerous gay blood donors who were ignoring the screening question “because they thought it was idiotic.”

The Ontario Superior Court is expected to rule on the lawsuit soon.

Men who have sex with men are not permitted to donate blood in the United States.

Mini-Roundup: According to Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, his state is “the safest place to be an unborn child in America today,” due to the fact he signed a bill banning health care coverage for abortion in the new federal exchanges (which won’t take effect until 2014).  Sadly, the National Women’s Law Center ranks Mississippi  45th in terms of maternal mortality, so perhaps Barbour should be working a little harder to make Mississippi a safer place to give  birth.

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