Chlamydia is Still the Number 1 STD


Chlamydia is still the number 1 STD in America. What are you going to do about it?

Chlamydia, although curable if treated promptly, is still the number one Sexually Transmitted Disease in the United States.

Knowledge and testing is the key to prevention of transmitting this disease. There are a lot of places to learn about Chlamydia and other STDs and there are also many states that require health classes that cover safe sex and STDs but for some  reason the rates keep climbing.

Teens are most at risk and many simply think that it won’t happen to me. Chlamydia symptoms can also be an issue since often especially in men there are none or are passed off as something else.

We need to pull together as a society and as parents and change this trend. Too many people are becoming infected and it’s hurting our quality of life in this country. We all need to stand up and make sure that this information reaches the people it needs to.

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Last month was National STD Awareness month. We need to continue this type of thinking all year long and get people tested.

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