Roundup: Victory, But for Who?

Robin Marty

Pro-Life Wisconsin declares victory over shutting off plans for a late term abortion provider.  Except they didn't, and it wouldn't be a victory, anyway.

Pro-Life Wisconsin declared victory yesterday.  After constant pressure, protests, and prayer vigils, it seemed that they had won a huge coup: a plan to provide late term abortion services at a University of Wisconsin, Madison clinic had allegedly been scrapped.

Abortion foes heralded the news Wednesday that the University of Wisconsin has apparently dropped plans to provide late-term abortions at a Madison clinic.

The news was first made public by the Alliance Defense Fund, which released a letter dated Friday from the state attorney general’s office saying the university had abandoned its plans for the clinic.

The letter, also provided to The Associated Press by the Department of Justice, was sent to an Eau Claire woman who had asked for an investigation into whether providing abortions at the Madison Surgery Center was legal.

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The University was attempting to add a provider to replace the sole provider it would be losing to retirement. 

The UW Hospitals and Clinics Authority Board last year approved the plan to provide abortions for women 19 to 22 weeks pregnant. The UW Hospital, UW Medical Foundation and Meriter Hospital proposed the plan in the wake of the retirement of a Madison abortion doctor because it left the Madison area without a provider who would perform abortions after 18 weeks.

Supporters argued that the abortions are needed for a number of reasons, including rape and fetal abnormalities. The clinic had been expected to perform about 120 abortions a year.

Opponents, including ADF, argued the procedures were not necessary and were immoral.

Anti-abortion activists oppose second-trimester abortions because fetuses develop rapidly during that time. They may flex their arms, kick their legs, make facial expressions and hear sounds during the second trimester, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The ADF, an Arizona-based Christian group that advocates for religious freedom, also said the university’s plan might violate a state law that prohibits state or federal money from being used to pay doctors or clinics to perform abortions.

Pro-life Wisconsin speaks in dramatic terms about their “win.”

Peggy Hamill, state director of Brookfield-based Pro-Life Wisconsin, called off that boycott Wednesday, proclaiming victory in the fight to block the abortions at the center.

“Pro-Life Wisconsin appreciated every day the abortions did not take place there as a victory for God,” she said.

The group now will shift and consolidate its protests outside of Planned Parenthood, 3706 Orin Road, off of North Stoughton Road on the Far East Side.

Hamill said she will participate in a prayer vigil Friday morning outside the Madison Surgery Center. “The focus of the prayers will change from an end of the plans to prayers of thanksgiving.”

But, was there really any win to crow about?  First, it appears that the rumors of the shut down of the provider plans may be just that…rumors.

The Attorney General’s Office is claiming that the UW has abandoned its plans to offer second-trimester abortions at the Madison Surgery Center.

But UW Health issued a statement late Wednesday denying it had dropped its plans.

“UW Health remains strongly committed to a comprehensive women’s reproductive health service that includes this important procedure,” the statement said.

The statement was vague though on when or where this procedure would be offered. “All of our clinical programs are designed and implemented to best serve the needs of our patients. Because of the sensitive nature of this clinical program, we do not consider it in the best interests of our patients to discuss the timing or location of these services. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that area women have access to a comprehensive women’s health program.”

But that won’t stop Pro-Life Wisconsin from saying they won, anyway.

The group late Wednesday continued to declare victory. “The UW statement does not specifically deny they are dropping plans to do abortions at the MSC. This statement doesn’t define anything.”

Regardless of what is or isn’t going to occur, it’s a good time to think of what “victory” really means here.  The clinics intent was to perform abortions that would have occured in the weeks shortly after a woman has her fetal abnormality scan.  In other words, it was most often likely to provide abortions to women who discovered that their wanted babies had genetic defects that made them often too sick to survive outside the womb. 

If anti-choice activists had their way, all they want to accomplish with closing this clinic would be forcing women to carry to term babies that they wanted but would not live for long after birth, if they even made it to term.  Or to force these women to travel far from their homes to have the pregnancy terminated should they choose to do so without a closer provider.

Pro-Life Wisconsin considers forcing another 120 women a year to have to carry wanted, loved, but unviable babies to be “victory for God.” 

My God has much more compassion than that.

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