Speaker Pelosi: Save the Public Option and Defend Women’s Health

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Speaker Pelosi: Save the Public Option and Defend Women’s Health

Lauren Martin

An open letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, asking her to save the Public Option and provide healthcare access to millions of Americans.

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As a feminist activist working to elect more women, I greatly admire your historic leadership. I believe that we desperately need an equal number of women at all levels of government for our country to move forward.

True, I will never fully understand the inside pressures involved behind closed doors in Congress surrounding health care reform legislation. However, I have to believe that you truly want to help Americans.

I know you actually care about the millions of children, women, and men that die each year because they can’t access basic health care. I also know that you care about women’s health. You respect a woman’s right to her own reproductive health choices and options. Don’t let this legislation be the biggest roll-back of reproductive health in decades.

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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For years I have watched as social conservatives successfully hijacked our country. I implore you to make this stop. Americans want access to health care. For us, it seems this can now become a reality through a public option in the House reconciliation bill.

Show us that the FIRST female speaker of the House can make a difference. Show us that she will stand up for her country and make the right decision. Show the country that it truly does take a woman to clean up the House…and our health care system. Show us that women’s health isn’t a political football.

You have the power to dramatically impact history and improve the lives of millions of Americans. Don’t bend to pressure. Do what you know is right. Save the Public Option and give us the basic right of access to health care.

We are counting on you, Madam Speaker.

Click here to send a letter to Speaker Pelosi, urging her to save the public option and defend women’s health.

With Hope,

Lauren Martin