Oklahoma House Passes Anti-Choice Ultrasound Law

Robin Marty

The Oklahoma House today passed a bill stating that a woman must view an ultrasound at least one hour prior to receiving an abortion. The bill now moves on to the Senate.

In a move that shocked no one, the Oklahoma House today passed a bill requiring that a woman must view an ultrasound at least one hour prior to receiving an abortion.  The bill, which passed through committee last week, is one of four new bills being introduced in the legislature to replace two multi-topic anti-abortion laws that have either been restrained or overturned as unconstitutional within the last year.

Other bills that have passed committee but have not yet been introduced into the House require that a doctor be in the room when RU486 is administered, that healthcare professionals who object to abortion not be required to participate in the procedure, and that women answer a 30 question survey before having an abortion, with all answers to be made public. Each bill has been reintroduced as an individual bill to avoid being declared unconstitutional again.

The ultrasound bill now goes to the senate, where it is expected to pass easily.

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