This Valentine’s Day: What Do Women Really Want?

Eesha Pandit

This Valentine's Day, what does Raising Women's Voices' Eesha Pandit want? Candy? Flowers? Sure. But what's truly sexy to Pandit? Read this to find out.

If you clicked here in search of a diatribe against
Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the wrong place. I have nothing against Valentine’s
Day. Chocolate hearts, flowers, cheesy poems – it’s all ok with me. I could do
without the tedious and blatant commodification of love, the inevitable rom-com
film releases, and the proposals at sporting events, but ultimately, I can
cope. I am fairly unfazed by the holiday.

Now, all that being said, I thought I’d take this
opportunity to fantasize a little. That’s right, if the world wanted to truly
take a break from business as usual and take the time to celebrate women, what
would that look like? What do we WANT? What do we NEED

This Valentine’s Day, I’m aiming to be very efficient; my
wish-list has merely two items on it.

  1. TLC.
    Or maybe I should say TLHC. Tender, Loving, Health-Care. Health care for all members of our self-defined
    families. Health care for our children, partners, mothers, fathers,
    grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors.
    Universal, accessible and affordable coverage. Coverage that includes
    access to all the things we need, when we need them. Preventive care,
    chronic care, acute care. Comprehensive reproductive care including
    pre-and post-natal care, abortion care, well-woman care. Doctors, nurses
    and caregivers that listen to us and respect our lives and choices. Health
    care providers that speak our language. Coverage that follows us from
    school, to college, to the workforce, and all the days in between.
    Coverage that we’d never lose, like a love that never fades. What’s sexier
    than that? Nothing.

And then,

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  1. Flowers,
    cards, candy, and grand declarations of love. What? It’s a wish-list.

There it is, simple and clear. A script for true LOVE. A
romantic-comedy I’d definitely watch. For more information about the fight for
the (TL)Health Care that we need, join us at

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