CO Rep. Swalm’s Plan For Ending Poverty: No Bastard Kids

Rachel Larris

Is this a new thing for Republicans to show off what they really think about poor women? Colorado's Rep. Spencer Swalm wants you to know he has a plan for ending poverty...stop having kids.

Is this a new thing for Republicans to show off what they
really think about poor women? Be honest and let it all just hang out there? Following
on the heels of South Carolina’s Lt.
Governor Andre Bauer
who recently compared people whose children
receive free and reduced-price school lunches to "stray animals" we now
have Colorado state Representative Spencer Swalm, who wants you to know he has a plan for ending

"Don’t have kids out of
wedlock," said Swalm from the House floor. "If you’re married, if at
all possible, try to stay married. Those are ways to lift families out of

In an interview afterward, Swalm
pointed out that "intact families do better than dysfunctional or broken
families" but said he was not advocating people stay in abusive marriages.

"Those children are almost
guaranteed to be in poverty. You don’t want kids in poverty? Don’t have kids
out of wedlock," Swalm said. "Better yet, get a high school degree.
That doesn’t cost a dime."

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Of course what inspired Rep. Swalm’s remarks was discussion
about a tax
credit for cash-strapped families
(something most Republicans would
normally support).

The legislation, House
Bill 1002, would give a family of four earning $41,000 or less a state
earned-income tax credit once the state collected enough in income-tax revenue
to begin giving refunds under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Right now, a
surplus of that size triggers a refund to taxpayers regardless of their

So don’t have kids out of wedlock, Rep. Swalm? So I guess that means you are for free access
to birth control and vigorously support poor women’s legal access to abortion?
I bet you are against the Hyde Amendment too. Because otherwise what else are
you suggesting women who get pregnant do, especially if you don’t seem to be
willing to help them?

Do you even want to know that Swalm didn’t vote
to protect birth control
should Colorado ever pass something like a state
constitutional amendment to redefine "personhood" beginning at contraception,
like the failed attempt in 2008?

Do you even want to know that Swalm not
more than a week ago
was pushing against a bill that would have created
more equity in health insurance plans, reducing
gender discrimination against women

Why? Because he thought "men are having the toughest time finding work, so this is
going to make it even harder for them to pay for insurance."

Considering it’s Colorado at least
he refrained from calling unwed
mothers "sluts."

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