The PeeWee Herman Purity Ring: Ironic? Sincere? You Decide

Rachel Larris

The PeeWee Herman purity ring. Is it meant to be ironic? Sarcastic? Sincere? Who can tell? Although it looks pretty ugly, and the "purity" part is hidden by the wearer.

The PeeWee Herman
purity ring
. Is it meant to be ironic? Sarcastic? Sincere? Who can tell?
Although it looks pretty ugly, and the "purity" part is hidden by the wearer. Here’s the description from his website.

The Pee-wee Herman Show Abstinence Ring is a design collaboration between
Pee-wee creator Paul Reubens and sculptor Brad Oldham. They worked closely
together to provide you something special.

Oldham hand carved the first ring in his Dallas art studio. Each subsequent
ring was hand-cast in lead-free pewter and hand polished to a satin finish. The
inset Swarovski crystal provides a glamorous glint. The four-sided design
allows the owner to choose what side shows. Of course, the inside of the ring
features the promise of PURITY.

Although he just announced it’s now for sale from his website, Paul Reubens first showed off his "purity ring" at a party
in September

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Paul Reubens,
better known as Pee Wee Herman, made a very rare public appearance on Tuesday
evening and shocked guests at the after party at the Twit140 conference
in Los Angeles when he showed up (dressed as alter ego Pee Wee) to announce
that he was posting his first ever message on Twitter.

The message invited people to re-tweet what he posted (I’m back! Follow
Pee-wee! Someone who RT’s this gets a phone call from me tonight! #peewee ) and
immediately following his Jay Leno appearance later in the
evening, Pee Wee Herman became the number two trending topic on Twitter. In
other words, this meant that Pee Wee Herman was the second most talked about
item on all on Twitter.

Perhaps it was the 57-year-old’s new abstinence ring that had people
talking. Reubens showed off the bling and announced that he had been celibate
for the past… two days. Apparently this was an accomplishment for the
reformed children’s show star, and the joke made an obvious reference to
Reubens’ arrest for indecent exposure at an adult theater in 1991.

Someone who is 18 years old right now was born in
1992. PeeWee’s PlayHouse ran from 1986 to 1990. So I have to believe is this
meant as some kind of hipster ironic gear like trucker hats, or more likely a
desperate plea for money.

Although apparently
PeeWee Herman, or Paul Reubens at least, is making a comeback. He appeared, in
character, on Conan O’Brian’s Tonight Show in its final week.

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