Rewire State of the Union Live Blog – Tonight at 8:45 pm Eastern

Robin Marty

It's hard to be alone when you are about to learn the fate of your country.

It’s hard to be alone when you are about to learn the fate of your country. Come join us tonight at 8:45 Eastern/4:45 Pacific to chat about the speech, and find out if the state of the union is, in fact, strong.

Hosting tonight’s chat is:

Brett Copeland, progressive activist.

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Amanda Marcotte, author at Pandagon and Rewire podcaster.

Robin Marty, writer and editor at Rewire, and editor of WoMNFocus, a online news site for political women in Minnesota.

Amie Newman, Managing Editor of Rewire.

Wendy Norris, Rewire reporter and editor of Western Citizen, an online news site serving the Mountain Region.

Jessica Pieklo, lawyer and writer at Care2 and Hegemommy.

Marc Seltzer, teacher, lawyer and politics writer on Care2.

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, women’s rights and human rights author at Care2.

And moderating tonight’s blog will be RHReality Check’s own tech guru, Brady Swenson.

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