Possible Pit Falls of A Woman’s Positive Thinking!


So Harry 834 decided to take a different approach and began challenging me on the possible pit falls of positive thinking.

I believe in positive thinking. I find positive thinking leads to a more positive life. A person using the name Harry834 began to address me. His first statement to me, "I agree with everything you’ve written about the girl having a positive attitude about herself." That statement was of course followed by a but…He felt that I was giving the girl advice on family relations. We both agree that is bad. So, I quickly blog that I never want to give anyone, not even adult, advice about family. I truly was only talking about self-esteem. Blog after blog he tried to explain that I was giving family relationship advice. Blog after blog I repeated my message regarding self-esteem and how possibly a teenage might take it upon them self to work for a good life. I truly think all teenagers should be thinking about college careers and future occupations.

So Harry 834 decided to take a different approach and began challenging me on the possible pit falls of positive thinking. Like I told Harry834 this is a topic I would like to explore. I have to give Harry834 credit… it is a very good topic.

Woman rights are very close to my heart, so, I would like to begin the topic with the very last post that I have written regarding Harry834 concerns with my positive message. Just recently I was at the YWCA and this successful body builder stood up. She explained how she has always been in control over her life. One day a man she loved took a gun and put it to her young son’s head. Looking at this woman I would say she was well into her 30’s before finding herself in that unbelievable moment. I think it was her over confidence that force her to over look all the warning signs that the event was a coming.

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So, is over confidence the same as positive thinking? I truly do not have an answer for that question. I, myself, believe in the power of positive thinking. I think of positive thinking as working with a clear mind and without any doubts to knowing exactly what I know. I know I am pretty. I dear my husband to tell me different or interfere with the rituals that keep me feeling my best. I know what I think and dear any individual to misquote me or to change the context of my self expression. I know that I am not always right. So, I have no issue upon being proven wrong, or people looking other places for more solid information. There are people in this world who I will disagree with and understand that we may never see things the same.

Harry834 posted this in his blog, "Barbara Ehrenreich is author of the book, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America." Along with a link leading to Amazon.com telling one how one may purchase it. Harry834 I say, “this is a change of subject.” http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2010/01/14/how-can-i-trust-that-someone-else-will-like-my-body-when-i-hate-it-so-much#comments

Now I can still get with this idea because upon turning 18 years old I had a very positive attitude about my country and it’s treatment of woman. Today, I do struggle with the difference between a positive attitude and positive thinking and correct information. The debate for me, “are the three the same?“ See, I am no longer able to defend a lot of what our politicians do. Heck, there are times when I am unable to defend a lot of what our leading Christian leaders within the United States of America say and do. So, in a debate how do I keep things positive when publicly given information contradicts our leadership’s unseen bad acts especially against women.

I quickly discovered at 18 our government and Christian leaders will give unrealistic information, judge people and condemn them, especially if the person is an independent minded woman.  I will never understand how a Christian can judge a person or how an American could ever think it is okay to step on our constitution. It clearly states in the New Testament the good news of Jesus Christ, “Judge not, that ye be not judged, For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall measured to you again. (Matthew 7:1-2 KJV) In Matthew 7:5KJV it clearly defines this act as being a hypocrite. I stand by the idea the bible never lies. We the people are to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility and provide for our common defense.” I often feel like a lot of politicians and Christian leaders are hypocrites. They are demanding from people something they, themselves, may not with complete honestly pull off on even their best day. Money allows for them to cover and hide the facts that they can do imperfect human things too.

Just recently a whole group of CEO’s went flying to Washington D.C. to beg for help to save their companies. They wanted tax payers who they have possibly once relinquished from good paying jobs due to simple down sizing to now save the company and jobs of people that a CEO may have hired for a lesser salary. Talk about biblical truth. Talk about common defense. How many times did some worker walk into their office and beg to keep their job and even may have offered to take a reduction in pay? How many women get paid less with the education and experience as their male peers. The CEO directed his management to coldly say, “sorry there is really nothing I may do!” These people who have more power over their lives than most American’s had us save them.

Should I give up on my country or my Christian leaders? Should I stay positive and encourage all the good within my country? Volunteer and help make the American voices that are quiet louder. Should I work to beat abuse, oppression and bad education one human being at a time? Can the power of positive thinking exist for every woman? Can this power really make a positive difference within our world? Am I really being a delusional woman?


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