Roundup: Neither Forced Sterilization Nor Forced Birth

Rachel Larris

The common thread in this morning's roundup is that women should be allowed to be the final decisionmakers of whether they have children. That is true whether they want more children or don't want any.

The common thread in this morning’s roundup is that women should be allowed to be the final decisionmakers of whether they have children. That is true whether they want to give birth or don’t.

It can be a good thing when a country that normal doesn’t
discuss abortion wants to bring the issue out into the open. But not if the
point is to drive an already illegal procedure even more underground.

South Korea has long made abortion illegal but has rarely
meted out punishment for obtaining or providing one. Now two South Korean
doctors are trying to start a morality campaign to push the country’s
government into enforcing
the laws banning abortion.

In a country where abortion is both
widespread and, with few exceptions, against the law, Dr. Choi and Dr. Shim are
hoping to force South Korea’s first serious public discussion of the ethics of
the procedure. In November, they and dozens of other obstetricians held a news
conference to ask "forgiveness" for having performed illegal abortions.

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The group they formed, Gynob, has
called on other doctors to declare whether they have performed illegal
abortions. In December they set up another organization, Pro-Life Doctors,
which tries to discourage women from having abortions and runs a hot line to
report clinics that perform them illegally. This month, they plan to begin
reporting practitioners of such abortions to the police.

While Gynob’s primary tactic has
been to highlight the hypocrisy of having a law that is almost never enforced,
the group’s goal is not to resolve this by liberalizing the law but to end
abortions altogether.

Meanwhile in Spain, which recently
made moves
to grant women greater access to abortion, the Spanish Bishops’
Conference repeated their stance that no Catholic
politician can support abortion

The press director for the Spanish
Bishops’ Conference, Isidro Catela Marcos, has written a letter on behalf of
the bishops reiterating that Catholic politicians cannot support abortion. The
letter comes in response to pro-choice statements made by a Catholic who is
head of Spain’s Congress, Jose Bono.

The Spanish Senate is still debating a bill that would allow
women to obtain an abortion without restrictions up to 14 weeks.

In Other News

In America a mother of nine children is suing a Springfield,
Massachusetts hospital claiming she was sterilized
against her will.

Tessa Savicki, who has nine
children aged 3 to 21, claims doctors were supposed to implant an intrauterine
device, which is a type of reversible birth control, after she delivered a son,
Manuel Flores, on Dec. 19, 2006, at Baystate Medical Center.

Instead, she said, a type of
permanent sterilization known as a tubal ligation was performed, leaving her
mentally distraught and incapable of bearing more children.

The hospital is not commenting other than to say as they
cannot find any consent forms signed by Savicki agreeing to the procedure.
Although the story contains one oddity , Savicki said she brought
her own IUD into the operating room.

Jane Albert, a spokeswoman for
Baystate Health, declined to comment on the lawsuit or Savicki’s own medical
care, citing federal privacy regulations.

But speaking in general terms, it
is "absolutely not" normal procedure for a woman to carry her own IUD
into the operating room, Albert said.

"It is not our practice for a
patient, it is not our practice to insert an IUD into a woman who has just had
a C-section," Albert said.

Bonus item: Scott
Roeder, on trial for killing Dr. George Tiller, has subpoenaed
Phil Kline
to testify in his defense. Kline is the former Kansas attorney general
who prosecuted the case against Dr. Tiller last spring where he was acquitted on
all 19 charges


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