Health Reform and Abortion


Health reform must be separated from the issue of abortion

Why is this health reform issue being related to abortion access? The conservative right is trying to sandbag health reform by trying to marry it to the controversial issue of abortion and pregnancy termination.

What they are not telling ordinary citizens is that abortion services are already being paid for by many private insurers, as well as by the state. This is nothing new. Yet, somehow they want a provision that eliminates women’s access to abortion providers in the new health bill, and are saying that because it lacks blockage to abortion services, that it is subsidizing abortions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This political ploy to sabotage health reform cannot be allowed to continue, and the public must be educated as to the reality of existing abortion reimbursement policies, and any new legislation must not be allowed to block a woman’s access to legitimate health care, which also includes abortion services.

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