An Evangelical “Christian’s” Nighttime Prayer



An Evangelical "Christian’s" Night-time Prayer 

Now I lay me down to sleep

Pray to God my soul to keep

I voted for Bush the Texacutioner

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Who put more people to death than an executioner


The highest execution rate of any governor in history

How he was elected president is still a mystery

The biggest serial killer since Timothy McVeigh,

mocks Karla’s pleas for clemency during her final days I hold stoutly to my world viewDespite being contradicted by what is proven trueI believe the earth to be only 4000 years old“Intelligent” design is the view I hold 

Even though evolution explains how life changed and adapted

verified by countless experiments not retracted

the scientific facts should be stricken as inadmissible

teaching creationism to our children is permissible

 Take some parts literally, others out of placeAnd I can use the Bible to judge the whole human racePat Robertson said 9/11 was a punishment from GodThat innocents died instead of him he didn’t find odd  For lifestyles of feminism, liberalism, and being gayJerry Falwell and Pat Robertson said over 3,000 people died that dayThat God will punish them for their remarkPride has hidden from a judgmental heart “After the last tree standing is felled”“Christ will come back” I heard James Watt tellyou see evangelicals don’t care about generationsbecause they won’t have to be here to face elimination “compassionate” conservatives fantasize about journeying through the airAs Left Behind: The Series plays out below everywhereWhile pollution they caused brings about ecological collapse

It doesn’t bother them that people will die perhaps

(c) 2009 by Cherokee American

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