Roundup: Arizona Sheriff Continues to Deny Inmates’ Rights

Jodi Jacobson

Courthouse News reports that "America's Toughest Sheriff" Joe Arpaio has been sued again, on charges of unconstitutionally restricting the rights of inmates to have abortions. The University of Iowa School of Public Health launches a series of radio programs aimed at reducing unintended pregnancies.

Sheriff Continues to Hamper Inmates’ Legal Access to Abortion

Courthouse News reports that “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio has been sued again, on charges
of unconstitutionally restricting the rights of inmates to have
abortions. Inmates in the Arizona prisons overseen by Arpaio say he:

charges up to $600, in advance, for
transportation and security to have an abortion, but does not charge at
all for transportation for other medical treatments, for court
appearances, funerals or to visit a dying relative.

Today, according to Courthouse News, inmates will ask a Maricopa County Court judge for summary judgment and
enforcement of a ruling that allows prisoners “timely, safe and legal
abortion care,” and to prohibit Arpaio from charging them to do so.

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demands that inmates who seek a first-trimester abortion pay a $300
deposit for security and transportation, and inmates seeking a
second-trimester abortion to pay a $600 deposit.

If any of
the money is left, Arpaio allegedly returns it, but if “the procedure
takes longer than expected … the inmate would have to pay defendants
any amount incurred above the deposit amount,” according to the

If any of the money is left?  What does Joe do with the left over funds?  Could ol’ Joe perhaps be benefitting financially from and exercising excessive control over the lives of his inmates?  Just askin’.

Radio Series Seeks to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies in Iowa

A new initiative of the University of Iowa College
of Public Health will use radio programs as part of a larger project to reduce unintended pregnancies in Iowa, according to the Iowa Press-Citizen.  The rate of uninintended pregnancy in Iowa among 18 to 30 year old
women is “quite high,” said UI associate research scientist Natoshia
Askelson. Among Hispanic women in that
age group, 50 percent to 60 percent of pregnancies are unintended,
Askelson said.

The Iowa Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies includes a Spanish-language radio drama that follows the story of three women and their relationships. “La
Noche Te De Sorpresas” (“The Night Gives You Surprises”) airs on
Saturdays on four radio stations throughout the state — Davenport, Des
Moines, Council Bluffs and Waterloo. Following the 15 minute program
each Saturday, there is a 45 minute call-in show to connect the
listeners with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, family planning clinic
staff members and community organizations, said Shelley Campo Shelly Campo, associate professor at the College of
Public Health and a co-principal investigator of programs targetting both the Spanish-speaking and African American communities.

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