Even at Rally to End AIDS, Stigma is Present

Todd Heywood

"I ain't going to no rally for AIDS," he loudly opined. His friend empahticaly concurred.

Todd A. Heywood, a freelance journalist living in Michigan
and a member of the Center for Independent Journalism is on assigment
to Rewire
at the National Equality March in  Washington. You can
follow Todd reporting from the march on twitter @rhrealityCheck. Heywood also has
interviews with Cleve Jones as well as HIV activist and author Shawn
Decker and will be cornering many others for interviews on Sunday so
check back regularly to see what the movers and shakers are saying
about gay America and the equality movement.

WASHINGTON, D.C.– As I waited quietly for Shawn Decker to finish his sound check for his band’s appearance during Saturday night’s HIV/AIDS rally, I had the opportunity to listen to the comments of those walking by. While some were so interested in the rally, dubbed Rally to End AIDS, that they made donations and received t-shirts, others were fat less open to the event.

Sitting on a bench behind the stage, I overheard an African American male tell his friend he was excited that there was to be a free concert. That is until he saw the sign that the concert would be dealing with the AIDS pandemic.

"I ain’t going to no rally for AIDS," he loudly opined. His friend empahticaly concurred. 

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