Roundup: Michael Steele Finds Room in His Tent for Pro-Choice Republicans

Jodi Jacobson

Michael Steele finds room in his tent for pro-choice Republicans, but others don't want to share their campsite; Mike Huckabee remains coy about his intentions for the next Presidential campaign, but he nonetheless played the politician/campaigner at the "Values Voter Summit" this past weekend in Washington, DC. And South Dakota receives a grant for facilitating adoption of children in foster care.

Mike Huckabee remains coy about his intentions for the next Presidential campaign, but he nonetheless played the politician/campaigner at the “Values Voter Summit” this past weekend in Washington, DC.  The New York Times reports:

The politician-turned-pundit delivered a hard-hitting attack at the
summit, sponsored by the socially conservative Family Research Council,
knocking President Obama and Democrats on reliably social conservative
issues like abortion. But Mr. Huckabee, who now is the host of a show
on Fox News, also addressed hot-button issues like health care, the
economy and the president’s recent decision on the missile shield.

Meanwhile, Michael Steele apparently has stated he would welcome pro-choice Republicans into the party…..leaving the conservative blog Intellectual Conservative to ask “what’s next, gun control advocates?”

The report states:

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In a September 3rd interview, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told a surprised Columbus Dispatch reporter that he would lead the charge of pro-abortion GOP candidates if abortion is a value in their community. Columbus Dispatch Senior Editor Joe Hallett asked Steele “if there is room in the party for a pro-abortion rights candidate…”

Hallett quoted Steele’s reply:

“There absolutely is, there absolutely is… The key thing right
now-and I think this is true for Republicans across the country-is to
have leadership that reflects the communities I live in, where we’re
from. As we get ready for the battles that lie ahead from this district
to all the districts surrounding the state, that you’re going to find
those candidates emerge and rise up who reflect those values in those
communities, and that’s a very important step for the party to take, I
think, and I’m looking forward to help lead that charge in the future.”

Do these “communities” include the community of women?

The Associated Press reports that the Department of Health and Human Services has given South Dakota a grant to facilitate adoption of children in foster care.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded
$112,800 to South Dakota as incentive reward for increasing the number
of children adopted from foster care.

The Adoption Incentives program was created in 1997 and provides
payments to states that increase the number of children adopted
relative to baseline data.

Incentives increase if states increase the adoption rates for older children and special needs children.



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