CPC’s & Adoption vs. Abortion


CPC's are not just right wing or left wing. It crosses both sides of the fence. Adoption is not the panacea of abortion.

As an adoptee, I love the Kathryn Joyce article, Shotgun Adoption.  It points to one of the major reasons why adoption agencies  fight so hard to keep original birth certificates sealed.  It shined the light on the history of these types of organizations.  This article, however,  is not about adoption vs. abortion.   This article shows the corruption behind the intent of the crisis pregnancy centers across our great nation.   Keep in mind that adoption is not the panacea for abortion.  Although it may appear so, it is also not a right wing vs. left wing either.  Many Catholic voters also voted for President Obama.  They are some left wing people as well.  They, too, operate these crisis pregnancy centers although it is a majority of the Christian right groups. There are liberal and conservative groups to every religion.  The Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church are shining examples of this.

We also must separate the decision process between abortion and adoption.  A woman must first decide if she wants to continue with the pregnancy.  A majority of pregnancies are terminated in the first trimester.  Parenting and relinquishing are not even part of the equation just yet.  We also have to look at why women abort.  That can easily be found in the Alan Guttmacher Institute’s reports.  They can not afford to raise another child.  If they need help to do so, they are often called welfare queens.  We also do not provide them with birth control either.  If we do, we tend to ramrod it down their throats.  When I had my first daughter, I chose to breast feed her.  Two weeks after her birth, I had the first pill of the birth control package removed and was placed in front of my mouth.  I was ordered to take it by one of the nurses.  I lost my milk within 24 hours.   My daughter lost out even though I did get to breast feed her for two weeks.

Our country makes it very difficult for women to raise their children .   Many companies are shipping jobs overseas.  Recently a dear friend of mine lost her job for this very reason.  Her company took a three million dollar stimulus check to open a call center in another country.  Her company then laid off American workers.  What many do not realize that along with our federal government giving the CPC’s money for abstinence and promoting adoption, we are giving them other types of funding as well.  We are giving them TANF funds to create more social worker positions to further separate families.  Those funds were created for families in need but it is not going to them.

We also do not have family friendly work environments either.  I was working for a government entity  about six  years ago.  My daughter was in the emergency room and unable to breath.  Both the emergency room and the day care called my place of employment.  The supervisor did not tell me until I completed the route that I was on.  This happens every day to families across America.  I have even been fired for being pregnant.  If this is just the tip of the iceberg for me, what about other mothers in this country.?  These are just my experiences in our country.  

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I have female friends of all different kinds.  Some women want children.  Some do not.  Some women have had abortions.  Some of them have not.  There are some mothers who have relinquished and some that have been pressured into it.  I have friends who have adopted and others who have not.  We need to be treating all women the same.  We need to make sure that they do have options.   We must consider the entire life, both reproductively and totally, of a woman before we limit her choices to one or two.  A woman should not be under any obligation to give her child to someone else because of the religious beliefs of others.  We have already had one Baby Scoop Era.  We do not need another one.

Shotgun Adoption by Kathryn Joyce got most of it right.  The adoption industry and it’s CPCs are in it for the money.  They are not in it for the expectant mothers, the children, or the adoptive parents.  Because the adoption industry wants to keep it’s secrets just that, this is one reason why adoptees and birth parents across this country are not allowed access to their documents.

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