Midwifery as essential for health & healthcare reform

Alison Cole

Please watch the movie:  http://www.reducinginfantmortality.com/

Please watch the movie:  http://www.reducinginfantmortality.com/

reform needs midwifery!  My baby was born at home without any medical
intervention.  She came straight to my arms after her birth, where she
stayed as the midwives examined her and she began to nurse.  Out of
hospital birth with Certified Professional Midwives can save the nation
billions in procedure costs and hospital fees.  If all women had access
to midwives in the hospital, in freestanding birth centers, and at
home, the health of whole families would be improved and we would
reduce the neonatal & maternal mortality rates in this country
significantly.  We are rightly supporting the training of midwives to
benefit public health in Afghanistan, we need to do it in the US. 
Neonatal mortality rates are worse in communities of color.  If "the
public option" in health care reform was nothing but increased access
to midwives and contraception for all childbearing women who wanted to
use them, the health of our nation would be better off and we would
save money. 

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