Roundup: Ultrasound Law in Oklahoma

Amy Dempsey

Ultrasound Law in Oklahoma; The White House's "Reality Check" Site; A New Abortion Provider in Kansas  

Ultrasound Law in Oklahoma
On Tuesday, an Oklahoma judge heard arguments against the ultrasound
law that requires women who want to terminate a pregnancy to get an
ultrasound an hour before getting the abortion, The Associated Press reported. The law’s opponents said it is "the most extreme law in the country."

A major aspect of the argument is what the doctor must tell a woman
about the fetus during an ultrasound. Abortion rights advocates said
the guidelines are unclear, but supporters of the law said it is very
clear what information a doctor should provide his patient: The
dimensions of the fetus, cardiac activity and
arms, legs and internal organs, according to The AP.

The judge said she would make a ruling August 18.

The White House’s "Reality Check" Site
The White House
launched their very own ‘Reality Check’ Web site Tuesday, a site
offering information about health care reform, and clearing up any
"rumors and scare tactics," according to U.S. News and World Report.
One of the "rumors or scare tactics" is whether it fund abortions, but
there is no information regarding abortion anywhere on the site.

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It discusses issues like euthanasia, health care rationing,
individuals’ current health care plans, if it will be a burden for
small businesses and Medicare. But abortion is not even mentioned.

A New Abortion Provider in Kansas  
LeRoy Carhart, a Nebraska abortion provider and friend of Dr. George
Tiller, wants to open a late-term abortion clinic in Wichita, where
Tiller’s clinic was located, reported the Carhart also provided late-term abortions at Tiller’s clinic.

Abortion opponents are already fighting back, asking state regulators
to reexamine complaints accusing Carhart of violating a law requiring a
second opinion from an independent doctor before performing a late-term


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