Roundup: Tiller Murder Suspect’s Hearing

Amy Dempsey

Tiller Murder Suspect's Hearing; Sex Educaiton Online;
Family Guy Abortion Episode

Tiller Murder Suspect’s Hearing
Scott Roeder, who is charged with the murder of Dr. George Tiller, will
be in court hearing scheduled for Tuesday to hear the evidence against
him. Roeder is charged with first-degree murder and two counts of
aggravated assault, according to The Associated Press.

Dr. Tiller, one of the country’s few late-term abortion providers, was shot May 31 while serving as an usher at his church.

If there is a trial, Roeder’s mental health may be used by defense
attornies. Although Roeder denies that he is mentally ill now, he said
that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his late teens, but blames
it on drug use, according to The AP.

In the article,
Roeder said, "Drugs are not a problem. My mental illness came from the
use of drugs…When I quit, I haven’t had any problems."

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"In several interviews with The AP, Roeder has stopped just
short of confessing to Tiller’s shooting. While talking at length about
the notion of justifiable homicide against abortion providers, he has
refused to discuss any facts of the case.

Asked if he thinks
Tiller’s shooting was justified, Roeder replied, ‘Well, yeah. The thing
is, how could it not be? Again, you know, he was in the business, and
had been for many years, of taking the lives of unborn children. So if
the lives of born children are worthy of protection, why would not the
lives of unborn children be worthy of protection? That is really what
it comes down to.’"

Sex Educaiton Online
A recent Center for Disease Control report said that one in three
teenagers say they never received information about the different types
of contraception, or ways to use it, by the time they turned 18.

It may be because of the government’s push for abstinence-only sex
education funding that teens are turning to the Internet for
information, according to the

In the CDC’s report, sexually transmitted diseases have increased among
teens, and close to a million young adults were reported to have
gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis, the article said.

"There are good companies out there that offer education but with the
good always comes the bad. Predators can easily lurk behind the
computer façade they create and get to our teens this way as well.
Perhaps the answer is not as simple as 1 2 3 in this case.  Perhaps the
best recipe for success is to combine all the ingredients; schools,
parents, and on-line."

Family Guy Abortion Episode
Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy creator, said he is producing an episode
about abortion for the upcoming season. He also said that Fox is
unlikely to air the episode, but he added it will be available on DVD,
according to

The article also said that a Fox spokesperson said no decision has been made regarding the episode.

If the episode is not aired, it will be the second time Fox has chosen to not show a Family Guy episode.

The article said:

"It’s exactly the sort of controversy that’s unlikely to wound the
hit series, however. Even if the program never airs on broadcast
television, envelope-pushing content is the show’s specialty and
outrage could boost DVD sales if/when the episode is released on home


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