Roundup: Surgeon General’s View on Abortion

Amy Dempsey

Surgeon General's View on Abortion; NOW Fights with Anti-choice Activists in Kansas; New "Sexting" Legislation in New Jersey

Surgeon General’s View on Abortion
Regina Benjamin, President Obama’s pick for surgeon general, grew
up in a Catholic home and attends mass often, and although she has not
publicly taken a stance on the right to choose to terminate a
pregnancy, sources close to her say she supports a woman’s right to an
abortion, according to Washington Post. This could cause conflict with the Catholic church’s stance on abortion.

If confirmed, Benjamin would lead the Public Health Service Commissioned
Corps, issue public health messages and advise the president and health
and human services secretary, the article said. She would also be the chief health educator in the country. 

Benjamin is prohibited from speaking publicly on any issue until she is confirmed, according to Washington Post

David Satcher, a former surgeon general under President Bill Clinton, told the Washington Post,
"We all have our religions, but when you speak as the surgeon general
to the American people, it’s not about your religion…I don’t see why
the surgeon general has to get involved in a discussion about abortion."

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NOW Fights with Anti-choice Activists in Kansas
After Dr. George Tiller’s death, the closing of his clinic and of the
committee he founded and funded, ProKanDo, the National Organization
for Women is rebuilding the abortion rights movement in Kansas,
according to Associated Press.

The article said:

"Marla Patrick, the Kansas coordinator for NOW, said that for years
ProKanDo took the lead on abortion rights issues because it had the
funding to do so. NOW was content then to stay in the background
because it had found that its presence could hurt the cause."

Although ProKanDo had approximately 6,400 donors, Dr. Tiller
contributed between one-third and one-half of the committee’s revenue,
depending on the year. The committee will no longer have the same
financial support as it did during Dr. Tiller’s life, but his death
propelled the grass roots support, Patrick said.  

"While we may have less funding, we are going to have more grass
roots," she told AP. "And I think that can be every bit as effective, if
not more so, especially in light of all the recent events."

New "Sexting" Legislation in New Jersey
After a 14-year-old girl in New Jersey was arrested for posting
partially nude photos of herself on MySpace and originally charged with
distribution of child pornography, state lawmaker Pamela R. Lampitt
introduced legislation aimed at reducing "sexting," according to the Associated Press.

Lampitt told AP:

"Kids may be kids, but they can be forced to grow up in a hurry when an
explicit photograph meant only for one person gets forwarded and
reforwarded throughout their school…"Young people, especially teen girls, need to understand that
sending inappropriate pictures is not only potentially illegal, but can
leave an indelible mark on them socially and educationally."

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy conducted
a 2008 survey and found that one-in-five teens have sent nude or
partially-nude photos or videos of themselves to friends or posted them
on a social networking site like MySpace, the article said.

The proposed legislation would not punish minors for "sexting," but
would instead create an education program that would teach participants
about potential state and federal penalties for "sexting."

In the article, Lampitt said:

"Young people need to understand the ramifications of their actions,
but they shouldn’t necessarily be treated as criminals…We need to create a path that places education and forgiveness before
arrest and prosecution."


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