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You can become a key player in the Campaign for a Healthy South LA and help reach thousands of women, men and teens! Come and join us Saturday, July 18th.

The Campaign for a Healthy
South LA is already an amazing success. We are knocking on doors and reaching
out to people in a grassroots effort to make an impact in this teen pregnancy
and STD "hot spot." We have reached nearly 24,000 households with our outreach
efforts since January and our campaign goal is to connect with 30,000 by the end
of the summer – we’re so close!

This is a
particularly exciting opportunity because it is the first time we are holding an
outreach event for our newest health center in South LA – the S. Mark Taper
Foundation Center for Medical Training!

we are seeing more clients walking into our health centers and getting the
reproductive health care they need!

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You can become
a key player in the campaign and help reach thousands of women, men and teens!
Come and join us Saturday, July 18th. We’ll feed you, train you – and remember,
friends are welcome to come along.

Campaign for a Healthy South

Saturday, July 18th
Time:  10 am – 2
Bixby Center for Reproductive Health (in the same
building as the S. Mark Taper Center for Medical Training)
400 W. 30th
Los Angeles, CA 90007

To RSVP visit

Please contact 323-804-4897 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator
if you have any

Until next month,
these have been my Choice Words!


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