If Old People Have Sex, I Don’t Want to Hear About It

Amy Dempsey

After reading the New York Times Modern Love column each Sunday, I am reminded of why I love to write. But this week's post made me think more about its content than the storytelling.

Each Sunday I read the New York Times Modern Love
column. I enjoy the various topics ranging from interracial couples to
arranged marriages, or a Cyber stalker to a woman’s relationship with
her husband who is dying of cancer. Each post shows the intimacy in
some relationships, and tells a story of how diverse people interact.
The column reminds me of how much I love good writing, writing that
makes me mad, happy, sad or thoughtful.

After reading each post, I fight the urge to call a college friend and
critique the piece, deciding whether it fit our journalism professor’s
formula for great writing. Instead of a phone call, we often resort to
text or Facebook messages. After Sunday’s post, my friend and I did not
share our feelings about Yes, We Do. Even at Our Age. And to be honest, at first, I didn’t know if I liked it. My guess is my friend wasn’t sure either.
It must have been the topic that made us uncomfortable. Old people
having sex. I don’t really like to hear, know, read about anyone having
sex, let alone people the same age as my grandparents. And although sex
is everywhere, and totally indiscreet, I guess I just think
individuals’ sex lives are no one else’s business but their own, and I
don’t want or need to know the gory details.

After a morning of
lounging and strolling New York City, I thought of my divorced parents,
who are not elderly and both have significant others. The idea of them
having sex is something I don’t think about, but I know it happens. I
want them both to continue having happy relationships and exciting
lives now and in the future, and I know a healthy sex life will only
help them achieve that.

Rewire posted its first of many blogs promoting healthy sexuality and aging, and although I would never say How Are You Orgasms, Mom? it may be good for her to know how healthy sexuality will contribute to her already-lovely life.

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