Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund announces open application period for board of directors

Erin Kate Ryan

In 2006, I called my local clinic and said, "I want to help women get their abortions."  Three years later, I'm in the thick of a young and dynamic movement, training volunteers, connecting women with the resources they need, and making the world a better place -- and I invite you to join me!

To our friends:

The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund board of directors is excited
to announce an awesome opportunity:  from July 1 to September 1, we
will be accepting applications for the EMA Fund board of directors. 
This application process is open to everyone, so please make sure to
forward this information on to your friends and colleagues.  Email [email protected] to receive a board

The EMA Fund will also be holding a volunteer training on August 22-23 (10-3 both days) for those who are interested in learning more but not certain whether they want to apply for the board.

What is the EMA Fund?
The EMA Fund is a resource of grants and financial counseling for women
living in or traveling to eastern Massachusetts who cannot afford their
abortions.  We collaborate with these women, their providers, and other
abortion funds to ensure that all women can access the abortions they
seek.  In the past ten years, the EMA Fund has worked with more than
1,500 low-income women and girls.  We’re an all-volunteer organization
with no office space or overhead; we currently manage and train a
roster of nearly 50 volunteers.  See our site at www.emafund.org.

How will it work?
The current board will collect applications until September 1, 2009.  We will review applications for the
month of September and possibly through October.  There is no
requirement that applicants have previous experience in abortion access
or reproductive justice.

After reviewing applications, the board will put together a slate of
potential board members.  This slate will reflect the board’s current
needs and our desire for well-balanced leadership.

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Anyone who might wish to join the board at any point in 2010 should
apply by September 1, 2009.  The selected applicants may be requested
to join the board for terms beginning any time in 2010 — that is, we
may choose to stagger the terms of board members by requesting that
they join us during the summer or fall of 2010.

The EMA Fund will consider applications from individuals regardless of
age (right now, all of our volunteers and board are under the age of
35), gender identity, immigration status, education level, or city of
residence, although we do have a strong preference for individuals who
will be able to attend monthly in-person board meetings.

After the September 1, 2009 deadline, the next open application period
for the board will be July 1 – September 1, 2010 for board terms
beginning in 2011.

We’re so excited to offer this opportunity to our community!  If you
have any questions about the board or the way we function, you may
contact the individual board members, or you may contact all of us at
once by emailing [email protected].  The EMA Fund is on the verge of
some really exciting new projects, and we’re eager to enter our next
decade of existence bigger and better than ever.

The EMA Fund board,

Laurie — [email protected]
Erin Kate — [email protected]
Sarah — [email protected]
Ayesha — [email protected]

Wendy — [email protected]

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