Roundup: Operation Rescue’s Headquarters Attacked

Amy Dempsey

Operation Rescue's Headquarters Attacked; President Obama and the Pope Will Meet; Operation Rescue's "Research Project"

Operation Rescue’s Headquarters Attacked
An unidentified person tried to disable anti-choice group Operation Rescue’s security system Friday, according to The Christian Post.
Operation Rescue’s president Troy Newman is one of four people who were
at the headquarters during the incident. Newman confronted the man, who
then tried to attack Newman. After throwing his bike, he fled the scene
with one security camera. No one was injured, as reported in the article.

The Christian Post also reports:


"Pro-life groups have been fearful of a backlash in the aftermath of the murder of late-term abortion
provider George Tiller. Although the accused killer, Scott Roeder, is
not tied to any pro-life groups, he was a staunch anti-abortionist. And
abortion supporters have blamed the rhetoric of conservative groups for
fueling the violence."

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Thursday, Operation Rescue released tapes and e-mails containing death
threats. One message said, "time to start killing Bible-thumping
morons," according to the article.

Rescue moved their national headquarters to Wichita to protest abortion
provider Dr. George Tiller’s clinic. Tiller was killed May 31 at his
church, where he was serving as an usher.

President Obama and the Pope Will Meet

the G8 summit in July, President Obama and Pope Benedict XVI will meet
for the first time. Although Obama and the Vatican support a stronger
relationship with Muslims, the two do not agree on abortion. Obama
favors a woman’s right to choose, which the Vatican opposes, according
to an AFP article.
Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman said:


"On his upcoming trip overseas on Friday, July 10th, the president will
visit with the holy father, Pope Benedict the XVI, to discuss a range
of issues, including their shared belief in the dignity of all people."


The Pope does not only plan to meet Obama. The article said:


"The Vatican spokesman also announced that during the G8 summit the pope
will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, the first Catholic to
hold that post in Japan, on July 7 and Australia’s leader Kevin Rudd on
July 9."


Obama took office in January, he lifted former president George W.
Bush’s restrictions on government funding for embryonic stem-cell
research and for family planning groups. The Vatican had strong
connections with Bush, who also opposed abortion, according to AFP.

Operation Rescue’s "Research Project"
The Kansas City Star
reported that Operation Rescue wants to hear from any woman who has
been given an abortion by Dr. LeRoy Carhart in the last five years.
Carhart is an abortion provider in Nebraska, and also assisted Dr.
George Tiller at his Wichita clinic.

Operation Rescue’s Web site says the group is doing a "research project."

The article says:


If experience is any guide, this "research project" will result in
unverifiable and downright bogus allegations, which the group will make
public. It’s the sort of information that just might inflame an
unbalanced person like Scott Roeder, the man accused
of shooting Tiller in his church — where, by the way, Operation Rescue
had protested and disrupted services numerous times.


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