Roundup: Colorado Abortion Clinic Threatened

Amy Dempsey

Colorado Abortion Clinic Threatened; Bachmann Speaks out against Obama's Proposal to Lessen Restrictions on Abortion;
Nancy Pelosi Meets with the Pope in Italy

Colorado Abortion Clinic Threatened
After Kansas abortion
provider Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed in May, an abortion
clinic in Boulder, CO, was threatened, as reported by the
At the Boulder Abortion Clinic, Dr. Warren Hern, like Tiller, is one of
the few providers in the country to perform late-term abortions. Warren
and his clinic, as well as a "number of individuals and facilities"
have been under the protection of the U.S. Marshals Service since
Tiller’s murder, according to the article.

Boulder police would not comment on the severity of the threat because an investigation is still being conducted.

Bachmann Speaks out against Obama’s Proposal to Lessen Restrictions on Abortion
The Minnesota Independent
reported that Rep. Michele Bachmann and her colleagues from the House
Pro-Life Women’s Caucus spoke at a press conference against President
Obama’s proposal to reinstate public funding for abortion in the
District of Columbia, a restriction that were originally enacted by the
Dornan Amendment. No videos from the press conference were posted, but
Bachmann also spoke on the House floor two weeks ago, according to the article, and there is a video of her argument on the site.

In her speech, Bachmann said:

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"When this government is in the red, red ink up to our eyeballs, we
don’t have money to pay for the intentional murder of unborn children…What we are seeing is an even higher percentage of
babies that are losing their lives in the minority community. In
particular, we see this with minority communities as they access
medicaid funding. If they have Medicaid funding, government funding, we
will see more abortion and we will see this particular in the minority

Nancy Pelosi Meets with the Pope in Italy
Nancy Pelosi, a
Catholic and abortion rights supporter, was told by the Pope Wednesday
that Catholic politicians cannot support abortion rights, according to
a Reuters
article. In the past, bishops accused Pelosi and Vice President Joe
Biden of misrepresenting the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion.


A statement given by the Vatican said:


"His Holiness took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the
natural and moral law and the Church’s consistent teaching on the
dignity of human life from conception to natural death …"


The article
said Pelosi later gave a statement praising the church’s fight against
poverty, global warming and hunger, but did not mention the abortion


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