Roundup: Abortion Provider’s Widow Speaks Out

Amy Dempsey

Abortion Provider's Widow Speaks Out; Spanish Bishops Get Involved in Abortion Fight; Democrats and Republicans Disagree About Sotomayor

Abortion Provider’s Widow Speaks Out
Lynne Slepian, the widow
of a physician who provided abortions who was killed in 1998, appeared
in Albany, NY, Thursday to support a proposed New York state bill that
would stiffen punishments for acts of violence against abortion
providers and clinics by elevating violence that resulted in physical
harm from misdemeanors to felonies, according to Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, who proposed the bill, said, "New York state would be the first in the nation to recognize the
serious nature of these crimes by passing a law that creates enhanced

course, anti-choice advocates like Operation Rescue oppose the bill and
called it "’unconstitutional in America’ to afford special privileges
to certain groups of people."

The article also said that Slepian family attorney Glenn Murray said the proposed bill is
something Dr. Bart Slepian sought before he was shot "sniper style" in his home. According to Murray, the
enhanced penalties would not impact peaceful protests, only acts of

Spanish Bishops Get Involved in Abortion Fight
The Associated Press
reported that Catholic bishops in Madrid are urging Catholic lawmakers
to vote against a bill that would ease Spain’s restrictive abortion

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At the Spanish Bishops Conference, members described the
bill, which would allow abortions without restrictions up until the
14th week of a pregnancy, as "a poisoned source of immorality and
injustice." However, the Socialist government argues that abortion is a
right that should be protected by the state, according to the article.

Despite the bishops’ opposition, the bill is expected to be passed next week.

Democrats and Republicans Disagree About Sotomayor

A recent Daily Women’s Health Policy Report
reports that Senate Democrats circulated talking points that
demonstrated Sotomayor’s "mainstream record of judicial modesty,"
according to the AP/Miami Herald.


A quote from Sotomayor also suggested that the nominee makes decisions
based on the Constitution rather than on politics. According to the AP/Miami Herald
article, members from both political parties are trying to define
Sotomayor before the upcoming hearing, scheduled for July 13.
Conservatives called her an "activist" when they described her work
with Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Educational Fund and support for
abortion rights. 


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