Roundup: Operation Rescue President Wants to Purchase Tiller’s Clinic

Amy Dempsey

Operation Rescue President Wants to Purchase Tiller's Clinic; A Young, Single and Pregnant Woman Needs Advice; The White House May Support Act That Aims to Reduce Abortions.

Operation Rescue President Wants to Purchase Tiller’s Clinic
Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, a group that has fought for years to close Dr. Tiller’s abortion clinic, told the New York Times
Wednesday the group is considering purchasing the building and turning
it into a memorial, "a tribute to all the babies," Newman said.
According to the NYT, Operation Rescue’s national headquarters in Wichita is another former abortion clinic Newman owns.
He told NYT:

"That is hallowed ground," Mr. Newman…said of Dr. Tiller’s clinic. "It’s iconic of the abortion movement, of
abortion itself. It holds memories, sorrowful memories for countless
women and for the babies that have died there. You can’t turn it into a
coffee shop. You wouldn’t pave over Auschwitz or Dachau."

The Tiller family’s lawyer called the proposal a publicity stunt.
Carhart, a Nebraska abortion provider who also performed abortions at
Tiller’s clinic in Wichita, said he would perform third-trimester
abortions in Kansas after Tiller’s murder, but did not give details as
to whether it would be at Tiller’s clinic or at a new location.

A Young, Single and Pregnant Woman Needs Advice
A 22-year-old college graduate, who is also starting graduate school, wrote an e-mail to the New York Times Motherlode Blog
asking for advice about her pregnancy. Without family nearby or a
boyfriend to support her, Emmie does not know whether she should keep
her child, put the baby up for adoption or terminate the pregnancy.
In her e-mail, Emmie writes:

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People talk about teen pregnancy all the time, but I’m no Bristol
Palin. I don’t have parents or siblings to help out. I don’t have a
boyfriend that wants to see the child. But I am financially stable (for
a grad student) and I have a college education. I’m a good person and
everyone agrees that I’d be a great mom but I just don’t know what’s
the smart play here. I always assumed I would be a single mom (I’m not
a huge fan of marriage) but this is about 6 years too early. Everyone
is being so supportive and saying "congratulations" but that doesn’t
necessarily make me feel better.
Do I really want to have a baby at 22? Do I really want to have this
guy’s child? Can I finish my master’s and raise a newborn? Can I do it
alone? Will I be happy?

The White House May Support Act That Aims to Reduce Abortions
In the US News blogger Dan Gilgoff’s latest post,
he suggests that sponsors of the Pregnant Women Support Act are
becoming more optimistic about gaining White House support. The Act’s
purpose is to provide provide assistance to distressed pregnant women
and is backed by anti-abortion groups like Southern Baptist Convention,
the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops and Democrats for Life, according
to Gilgoff.
said although Planned Parenthood has not come out against the Act, it
is opposed to the sections of the bill that are meant to persuade women
to forgo abortion. Instead, Planned Parenthood wants to "inform
pregnant women of options but not influence them either way," the blog said.
also says the recent appointment of Alexis Kelley of Catholics in
Alliance for the Common Good, which opposes abortion, to head the
Department of Health and Human Services is leading sponsors of the bill
to be hopeful.


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