Roundup: Dr. Tiller’s Abortion Clinic Permanently Closes

Amy Dempsey

Dr. Tiller's abortion clinic permanently closes; Where do the anti-abortion activitists go now?; Sotomayor's support of abortion rights

Dr. Tiller’s abortion clinic permanently closes
George Tiller’s family announced Tuesday that they will permanently
close the Women’s Health Care Services Inc. The clinic was one of a few
in the country that performed late-term abortions, and women from all
over the country and world would go there for Dr. Tiller’s help. The New York Times
reported Tuesday that abortion rights advocates hoped the clinic would
remain open and continue to provide late-term abortions, but expressed
empathy for the Tiller family’s decisions. According to NYT, the family was also the target of protests, attacks and criticism for the past 30 years. 
Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights told NYT:

"It is unacceptable that anti-abortion intimidation and violence has
led to the closing of Dr. Tiller’s clinic…Not only have we lost
a fearless defender of women’s fundamental health and rights in Dr.
Tiller’s murder, but the closing of his clinic leaves an immediate and
immense void in the availability of abortion."

Scott Roeder, anti-abortion advocate, is being held in a Wichita jail for Tiller’s murder.

reporter was able to get the first interview with Scott Roeder, who is
being held in a Wichita jail for the murder of Dr. Tiller.

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In the jailhouse interview Tuesday, Mr.
Roeder told Ted Rowlands from CNN that he had received letters of
encouragement, and described the closing of the clinic as "a victory
for all of the unborn children."

Where do the anti-abortion activitists go now?
35 years of protests, legislation and harassment, the focus of the
anti-abortion movement , Dr. Tiller’s clinic, has permanently shut its
doors. After Tiller was murdered by a pro-life advocate, his family
announced Tuesday they will stop operation of Women’s Health Care
Services Inc. in Wichita, Kansas.
Operation Rescue, which moved its national headquarters to Wichita from Southern California, told Associated Press it has no plans to relocate.
Operation Rescue has made Tiller’s clinic the center of their fight.
The Associate Press article says:

For now, Operation Rescue has no plans to leave Wichita and the
group’s leader, Troy Newman, called the family’s decision to close the
clinic "bittersweet." He said his group wants to close abortion clinics
but, "I want to see them close through peaceful, legal nonviolent

Tiller’s clinic had long served as a rally point for
abortion opponents. Most protests were peaceful, but his clinic was
bombed in 1986 and he was shot in both arms in 1993. In 1991, a 45-day
"Summer of Mercy" campaign organized by Operation Rescue drew thousands
of abortion opponents to Wichita and there were more than 2,700 arrests.

clinic was one of a handful of clinics across the country that perform
third-term abortions. Kansas state law allows abortions on viable
fetuses after the 21st week only if carrying the pregnancy to term
would endanger the mother’s life or cause a "substantial and
irreversible impairment" of a major bodily function. Courts have
interpreted a "major bodily function" to include mental health.

Tiller family’s decision to close the clinic has met criticism and
praise from pro-choice and pro-life supporters. Pro-choice advocates
worry late-term abortions will be less accessible for women, but
pro-lifers said the clinic will be remembered the same way as Auschwitz
and Pearl Harbor, according to the Associated Press.  

Sotomayor’s support of abortion rights

The Washington Times
is criticizing Sotomayor’s history of supporting abortion rights, and
claims conservatives should not guess that she is pro-life. The Times
said in the past, Sotomayor was affiliated with the Puerto Rican Legal
Defense and Education Fund, which submitted six court briefs in support
of abortion rights.

According to the Editorial,

The cases began with an abortion-funding case, Williams v. Zbaraz, just
as she joined the board, and they continued through the landmark cases
of Rust v. Sullivan, Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, and
Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Especially in the Webster case, in which
all nine justices joined at least part of the decision saying that
states need not provide public funds for abortions, the fund supported
positions far more pro-abortion than the court itself did. Also, in the
case Ohio v. Akron Center, the fund wrote that it "opposes any efforts
to overturn or in any way restrict the rights recognized in Roe v.

The Editorial argues that while Sotomayor is not avowedly pro-choice, her past does not suggest she opposes abortion rights.


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