Rescinding the Bush HHS Regulations: Act Now to Have Your Voices Heard

Jodi Jacobson

The Obama Administration is now taking comments on the revision of the HHS Rules put in place by the Bush Administration. Act now to have your voice heard.

The Obama Administration is now accepting public comments on the proposed recission of the HHS Rules originally put in place by the Bush Administration, according to Women’s Health News. The rules threatened to allow providers to deny services–including contraceptive services, safer sex counseling and other services–to clients based on whether the provider objected to contraception, sexual activity, and so on. This was not just about abortion, and laws were already in place guarding the rights of providers on these issues. The new regulations put in place under President Bush went much further.


The Obama Administration is acting quickly to reverse them and must invite public comment to reconsider the rules.  Your voice needs to be heard in this process, especially (though not only) if you are a provider, a client of reproductive and sexual health services, a user of birth control, have had an elective abortion and want to ensure women maintain the right to accurate information, referral and services, if you are gay or lesbian and want to ensure that you can make decisions about pregnancy, surrogacy, sperm donors and the like, if you are worried about the spread of HIV….in short if you are a US citizen who, like the majority, believe that people should have the information and access to the services needed to protect their health.

Go to the comments page at by clicking here.

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Comments are due by April 9th.  Act now!

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