Correction and Update: White House AIDS Advisor Position NOT Eliminated

Jodi Jacobson

A February 5th Executive Order published in the February 11th Federal Register does not eliminate the position of White House AIDS Advisor.

Last night we reported that:

A February 5th Executive Order published in the February 11th Federal Register appears to eliminate the role of White House AIDS Advisor in the Obama White House, a position originally created under President Bill Clinton. The same Executive Order makes a number of other changes in staffing of the Domestic Poilcy Council, the White House coordinating body on all things related to domestic issues.

Information received this morning indicates this is not the case. 

The White House has confirmed that they are actively interviewing to begin hiring for the Office of National AIDS policy and hopes that the forhtcoming omnibus appropriations bill will provide funding to do additional hiring.

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The White House has communicated that the Domestic Policy Council executive order originally cited by Rewire "reflects the fact that ONAP is part of the DPC, and as a result, the head of the office automatically participates on the Council.  Those listed in the executive order are departments, agencies and White House offices not part of the DPC."

Our apologies for any confusion.



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