Roundup: Octuplets’ Birth Put IVF in the Spotlight

Emily Douglas

Birth of octuplets puts IVF in the spotlight; FDA forces Bayer to run corrective commercials about Yaz; Missouri House adopts resolution opposing FOCA; significant percentage of Obama voters identify as anti-choice, University of Arizona study finds.

Birth of Octuplets Puts IVF in the Spotlight
In the wake of the birth of octuplets to Nadya Suleman, the New York Times examines
the practices and regulations of the fertility industry, including
norms around number of embryos implanted.  The Times observes, "Nearly
a third of in vitro births involve twins
or more. The government, along with professional associations, have
been pushing fertility doctors to reduce that number, citing the
disastrous health consequences that sometimes come with multiple births
infant mortality,
low birth weights, long-term disabilities and thousands of dollars’
worth of medical care… But unlike some other countries, the United
States has no laws to enforce those guidelines."  Economic issues
play a role in women’s desire to see multiple embryos implanted: "One
cycle of in vitro fertilization costs about $12,000.
Women who are not successful the first time often try again and again,
which can push the cost of having a baby to more than $100,000. Because
the technology is often not covered by insurance, doctors say they are
constantly urged by patients to implant extra embryos."

FDA Forces Bayer to Run Corrective Commercials About Yaz
Ads for the best-selling birth control drug, Yaz, emphasized the
drug’s ability to treat acne and PMS symptoms, claims that are
over-stated and unsupported, and now the FDA is forcing Bayer to run
corrective commercials, the New York Times reports.  "By giving consumers the impression that Yaz was generally a drug for
acne and general mood problems, the company’s ads ran afoul of federal
laws against promoting the unapproved uses of a drug, the F.D.A. said.
The agency approved Yaz in 2006 as a birth control pill that has a side
benefit in treating mood-related psychological problems called
premenstrual dysphoric disorder."  Bayer has marketed Yaz as a "lifestyle drug," the Times reports. 

Missouri House Adopts Resolution Opposing FOCA
The Missouri House has approved a non-binding resolution opposing the Freedom of Choice Act, reports the Associated Press.  "The measure states that Missouri regulations at risk could include bans
on certain late-term abortions and mandatory parental consent for

Significant Percentage of Obama Voters Identify as Anti-Choice, U of Arizona Study Finds
John Green of the University of Arizona tells Steven Waldman
about a yet-unreleased study that found "about a quarter of Obama’s
vote came from pro-lifers, defined as people
"wanting serious restrictions on abortion, but not necessarily a full
ban on abortions." What’s more, Green will report, about one third of
young voters who went for Obama are pro-life."  Waldman wants the
anti-choice coalition of Obama’s electorate to be respected.  He
doesn’t explain why only pro-choicers should be "delighted" by the
repeal of the global gag rule, which will only decrease the rate of
unintended pregnancies worldwide by permitting family planning clinics
to provide safe abortion care with their own funds while receiving US
funding to provide contraceptive services.

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