Univision Listens to Latino and Catholic Voices and Agrees to Run Condoms4Life Radio Ads

Jon O’Brien and Silvia Henriquez

After outcry from the Latino and Catholic communities, Univision has agreed to play radio ads promoting the message that "good Catholics use condoms."

for Choice and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
are pleased to share the wonderful news that Univision Radio has
decided to run our Condoms4Life radio ads. The two Spanish-language ads
take on myths about condom use in Catholic and Latino communities and
highlight the importance of condom use and that Good Catholics Use Condoms.
The radio campaign launched in New York City on World AIDS Day,
December 1, on other radio stations. However, as Amie mentioned last
, Univision radio stations originally refused to run the ads. We asked
all of you to take action and ask Gary Stone, the president of
Univision Radio, to run these important advertisements.

The Spanish-language ads, which you can listen to here and here,
talk about the importance of condom use within communities of faith.
After hearing from the Latino and Catholic communities, Univision has
agreed to play the ads which will air over the holidays on Univision stations in New York City. We are thrilled that Univision has agreed to play the ads.

Univision Radio refused to run our ads on three of their NYC stations,
we asked you all to get involved. You took action in impressive
numbers, sending emails to Mr. Stone with the message that this kind of
censorship was unacceptable and that these messages are key to keeping
our community safe. We want to thank all of you for taking action,
especially those who passed the message along to their friends and
family.  And thank you to all the bloggers who posted about this issue,
spreading the action even wider.

great news is that Univision listened to you! We have the activism of
the Latino community and our allies to thank for this win and Univision
to thank for doing the right thing.

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for Choice and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
are thankful that Univision Radio listened to the voices of Latinos and
Catholics and heard that the community wanted these important messages
about HIV prevention on the air. We appreciate
Mr. Stone’s willingness to do right by the Latino community and let the
message be heard that Catholics use condoms because we know it is the
responsible, loving and caring thing to do.

Thanks again for all your hard work and support. To keep up to date on this campaign, you can visit www.Condoms4Life.org or www.latinainstitute.org.

Morning Roundup: Antichoice Terrorist Running for President to Show Graphic TV Ads

Beth Saunders

Randall Terry wants to show aborted fetuses during the 2012 SuperBowl, Steve King wants to know if HHS is giving telemedicine grant money to PP of the Heartland, two thumbs up for an Iowa state rep standing up for women, and how many women try to self-abort?

Randall Terry wants to show aborted fetuses during the 2012 SuperBowl, Steve King wants to know if HHS is giving telemedicine grant money to PP of the Heartland, two thumbs up for an Iowa state rep standing up for women, and how many women try to self-abort?

  • Antichoice terrorist Randall Terry is running for president. Specifically, he’s running for president to show graphic ads during the 2012 SuperBowl. (Federal law requires stations to show the ads of candidates running for office.) Terry used that stunt as “campaign manager” for Missy Smith, who ran against Eleanor Holmes Norton in Washington, DC, this past November. Smith’s ads, were, in fact, shown on television. Raw Story has a sample of one of Terry’s “ads” that compares abortion to child slavery, the holocaust, lynchings and more – complete with images. Terry will be announcing his “candidacy” in front of the Holocaust museum in DC tomorrow.
  • Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is asking the Department of Health and Human Services to look into whether any federal grant money went to Planned Parenthood of the Heartland for their telemedicine program. On the surface, it’s fairly clear that no federal dollars were used, but that isn’t stopping King from riling up anti-choice members of Congress for an investigation.
  • A round of applause for Iowa state representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, who is standing up for women’s health and rights by questioning the science and motives behind abortion ban legislation in her state. According to the Des Moines Register, “Wessel-Kroeschell questioned the language, intent and scientific evidence of more than a dozen points in the bill. The subcommittee agreed to reconvene sometime next week after members have a chance to gather information to answer the questions.” The legislation aims to make abortion illegal after 20 weeks gestation. In 2009, there were six abortions in Iowa after that period.
  • Slate sheds light on two new studies about women who self-abort. Estimates are that between 2-4.5% of women who go to a clinic initially tried to induce abortion themselves.

Jan 18

Roundup: Are You Ready to Go Back to the 50’s?

Robin Marty

The GOP has taken over, and it's time to start looking at all of the ways they can turn back the clock on progress.

Old fashioned values.  Turning back the clock.  Reproductive justice was just one of the frames used in the 2010 elections to focus voters who are really just wishing that we could go back and relive the 50’s.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this letter from Montana.

The same people who promote sex education today were the free love generation of the ’60s. The progressive viewpoint promoting open sexuality created sex education in the schools and the tolerance of girls coming to school visibly pregnant (these girls used to have a home school teacher). These progressives mocked, and still mock, the moral values of the ’50s. These progressives who are “all-knowing” have overseen an increase of unwed pregnancies and venereal disease. The verdict is clear, it is time to stop listening to these “all-knowing” progressives and go back to those morals which promoted sexual restraint. These morals saw much less unwed pregnancies and venereal disease. Parents need to, for the sake of the children, stand up to these “all-knowing” progressives and just say “no.” These “ all-knowing” progressives will say that it is the media that sexualizes our children. As they very well know, media follows the culture, not the other way around. When promiscuity is not tolerated in our culture it will not be in the movies. Parents need to stand up and, for the sake of their children, just say no to progressive sex education in our schools.

Want to see all the ways that the GOP could potentially turn back the clock, in this case as a means to move us away from a secular society?  The “On Faith” columnist lists them over at the Washington Post:

Here’s a roundup of the potential bad news:

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* The Republicans slated to head House committees are not only religious and social conservatives; many embody the most extreme right-wing brand. Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, who will almost certainly be the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is one of the hardest-line conservatives in Congress. He has long been an opponent of all abortion rights (receiving a 100 per cent rating from the National Right to Life Committee). He’s the sort of anti-choice right-winger who opposes not only abortion but embryonic stem cell research–and judges whose decisions would allow that research to continue. He has been a consistent and strident critic of all in the federal judiciary whose decisions, on matters ranging from the teaching of creationism in public schools to religious school vouchers, run counter to the religious right’s assault on the separation of church and state.

* In the new Congress, there will be almost no moderating Republican voices on any committee. Many moderate Republicans throughout the country were defeated by Tea Party candidates in primaries. On the judiciary committee, the chairman will be backed up by members like Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa), who recently attacked the federal district court judge who struck down the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

* Look for an endless stream of amendments to vital appropriations bills designed to promote favorite right-wing causes like abstinence-only sex education. and to favor faith-based social spending over programs administered by secular organizations.

* Forget about any possibility of ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the next two years. The Republicans aren’t going to listen to any high-ranking military officials who have already testified against the policy, and the military knows which side its bread is buttered on. Obama, who has always waffled on these issues, is certainly not going to press this battle while he is struggling to retain his presidency.

* Worst of all, from a secular point of view, is the unlikehood of Obama being able to affect the federal judiciary during the next two years. The Senate, of course, still has a Democratic majority, but it has already been demonstrated that in the absence of a super-majority, any appointment can be blocked by any senator. Given the Republicans’ stated objective to make Obama a one-term president, they can endlessly delay any judicial appointment proposed in the next two years. Should any of the four far-right Supreme Court justices drop dead during the next two years, I believe that Republicans will stall the confirmation of his successor. Why wouldn’t they? They scent blood in the water, and it’s hard to imagine that the voting public will punish them for keeping a seat vacant on the Supreme Court until 2012.

And that’s only half of the examples.  Be sure to follow the link for even more.

Speaking of going back to the same place in time, in case you had any doubt, Colorado will be seeing a Personhood amendment on the 2012 ballot again, as they declare victory in 2010 because, well, they had more people vote for it than in 2008, and, oddly enough, because Ken Buck lost his senate race.

Conventional Wisdom: Only 15% will support a personhood 100% abortion ban.

Colorado’s 2008 vs. 2010 Campaigns: The “Yes on Personhood” vote grew by 10% as compared to our 2008 Yes votes, in that 27% of the 2008 vote is now 30% of the 2010 vote, and that encourages us!

In 2010 on Amendment 62: 30% of Colorado voted Yes to ban all abortion, and that is with the opposition of the biggest names in the pro-life industry.

Join Us: in praying for the wisdom and resources to build on this increase the Lord has given us (ten percent growth in those who voted Yes) so that we can reach even more people to protect every precious child by love and by law.

Regarding Ken Buck’s Close Loss: After breaking every pro-life campaign promise he made including by promising to confirm pro-choice judges if elected, Ken Buck told the Amendment 62 proponents, “I’m not going to cater to personhood for 2% of the vote.”

Of course, the conservative voting turnout percentage in 2010 was much larger than in 2008, yet they only gained 3 percent vote change, but we won’t let facts get in the way of a good spin, right?

Mini Roundup: In a belated Halloween roundup, one church has some pretty creepy ideas what belongs in a haunted house.  You can bet that they didn’t hand out condoms as treats, either.

November 4, 2010


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