Roundup: Medical Students Decide Whether to Become Abortion Provider; RH Groups Set Priorities

Emily Douglas

Washington Post examines abortion provider training; EMILY's List staffer to be White House communications director; Reuters examines priorities of reproductive health groups; Raleigh News-Observers editorializes in favor of "common ground" approaches on abortion.

Washington Post Examines Abortion Provider Training

In A Hard Choice, Patricia Meisol examines medical student Lesley
Wojick’s decision not to become an abortion provider, despite her concerns about
diminishing numbers of abortion providers nationwide.

EMILY’s List Staffer
to Be White House Communications Director

Ellen Moran, executive director of EMILY’s List, the
political group that backs pro-choice women candidates, was tapped to become
President-Elect Obama’s communications director, reports the Associated

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Reuters Examines Priorities of Reproductive Health

Keenan of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Cecile Richards foresee
early action on the global gag rule
, but a harder going on the Freedom of
Choice Act.

Raleigh-News Observer
Editorializes in Favor of "Common Ground" Approaches on Abortion

In Abortion Realities, the newspaper says,

"A number of
anti-abortion activists across the country have looked fully in the face of a
Barack Obama presidency and foreseen that, with this ardently pro-choice
president in place, chances that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade in
the next four years will be nil.

They prudently have decided to put their energies toward making abortion a
less-attractive choice by strengthening the social programs that would help
more pregnant women choose life for the unborn.

Once The Ring Is On…

You’re doing right by doing it all the time, says Texas
pastor Rev. Ed Young.

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