Virgina GOP Makes Last Gasp Effort With Culture War Issues, Post Cards Lie in Michigan State House Race

Brady Swenson

Virgina GOP places post cards on cars at churches commanding voters to "VOTE YOUR VALUES" and a post card sent from a phony organization to pro-choice voters in a Michigan state house race says the anti-choice candidate is "the best candidate to protect a woman's right to choose."

As is happening in church parking lots all across America, the Republican Party in Virgina has placed flyers on cars today telling voters to "VOTE YOUR VALUES" and compares McCain and Obama’s records on an array of culture war issues including abortion and gay marriage, according to, which adds:

"Vote your values," the flyer commands — and not your economic interests.

"We need a President who brings honor and integrity to the highest
office in the land," it also reads, a line that puts the Virginia GOP
at odds with McCain, who has conceded that Obama is "very honorable."


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And according to a Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan media release, a post card mailed to a list of pro-choice voters claims that the anti-choice candidate for a seat in the Michigan state house, Amy Peterman, is "the best candidate to protect a woman’s right to choose." 

The post card sent by a group claiming to be “Oakland County Reproductive
Rights Action League" was said by Sarah
Scranton, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of
Michigan to be "completely untrue, just a dirty trick obviously designed to
confuse pro choice voters within days of the election.”

It is not known whether Amy Peterman is aware of the post card sent out
by the phony organization. Peterman is endorsed by Michigan Right to
and answered 100 percent in favor of all Right to Life positions
on the Lifespan candidate survey.

Scranton says that pro-choice candidate Lisa Brown "is the only pro-choice candidate running for
State House in District 39; that’s why Planned Parenthood Advocates of
Michigan has endorsed her.”

“Even so, this is a very tight race, so influencing voters with
outright lies could have a devastating effect on Lisa Brown’s
campaign,” Scranton added.

There is no record of a PAC organization or any other type of group
known by the name “Oakland County Reproductive Rights Action League.”

Isn’t it odd that someone with such strong "pro-life" convictions needs to pretend to be pro-choice to win. Maybe that tells us something about where American’s values really are.

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