VIDEO: Kay Hagan Responds with Faith to Liddy Dole’s “Godless” Tactics

Scott Swenson

The far-right's nasty tactics hit a new low in North Carolina but Kay Hagan hits back hard.

Yesterday we learned Sen. Elizabeth Dole stooped to calling her opponent Kay Hagan "Godless" in keeping the incredibly nasty tactics we’ve witnessed from far-right social conservatives during this entire election cycle. Dole seems to be taking a chapter from her husband’s dirty tricks playbook from his own difficult first re-election bid in 1974. He used the abortion issue then, she is using faith now to appeal to the same base voters, the difference is that after 34 years, American voters are on to the far-right’s incredibly ugly campaigns and narrow, exclusive politics.

See also: Culture of Lies: Tactics and Strategies.

Here’s Hagan’s response ad:

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