VIDEO: Ballot Initiatives? Watch Amber’s, Angela’s and Laura’s Stories

Amie Newman

Need yet more proof that the ballot initiatives in Colorado, South Dakota and California this election season are anti-women's health? Watch the real life stories of these three women unfold on video.

We’ve got an extensive feature up on the front page today examining the three anti-choice statewide initiatives on the ballot this year in California, South Dakota and Colorado. From bestowing full human rights onto fertilized eggs to outright banning of all legal abortion, anti-choice advocates seem intent on endangering the lives of women and their babies at any cost.

What may be most disheartening is that these kinds of laws, in other states, have already endangered womens’ lives and health – yet few seem to be listening. National Advocates for Pregnant Women have released this video about three women, mothers, whose stories must be told. 

It’s six minutes long and every minute is worth watching:

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