VIDEO: I Should Have That Choice, Governor Palin

Amie Newman

How does the anti-choice movement think they know better than this young woman what's best for her after a rape? How will they explain to her that they have more of a right to make decisions about her body, than she does?

How does the anti-choice movement think they know better than a young woman who has been raped and impregnated by her attacker what’s best for her? The rapist thinks he owns her body – and then the anti-choice movement swoops in and argues that they do.

The ad below, while receiving very little public attention, is so powerful because it puts a face on that which Governor Palin and others have turned into a political football. If you believe so strongly that young women do not have a right to control their own bodies, you must be able to tell individual women why they do not have this right – not the global "because it’s about life" line. But why should this young woman be denied the right, by her government, to terminate her pregnancy after having been raped? And this is not about "helping her care for their child" or "providing adoption services." Those are only helpful when turned into concrete policies – policies that enacted in addition to a full range of other reproductive health access policies. I’m asking the anti-choice movement how they can tell this young woman that they all know better than she what is best for her?


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